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Pros and Cons of Surfing In a Wetsuit

Wearing a Wetsuit when Surfing

How does a wetsuit work? By keeping you wet, of course! When the suit gets soaked, it traps a thin layer of water between you and your suit. Your body heat warms that water and the suit traps in the heat to keep you warm. Pretty neat, right? So now that we know how it works, the question is, do...

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After School Surf Programs LOOKING FOR SOMETHING COOL TO DO AFTER SCHOOL!?!? Join other local students and schools at the After School Surf Program & Surf Club. San Diego Surf School is only surf school with a 3:1 instructor to surfer ratio. Our popular After School Surf Program will be starting up again in September 2015! The ASP is designed for the local...

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San Diego Surf School News

San Diego Surf School News: - August Surf Camps in Ocean Beach: Only 4 weeks left for our summer surf camps in Ocean Beach. Sign up before it is full !!!! Summer Surf Camp - New After School Surf Program 2016:  Our most popular After School Program is starting on September 1st 2015. After School Program - San Diego Surf School...

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