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Paddling: The Basics

Paddling basics

Paddling is one of the most fundamental elements of surfing, but it's an integral part of the activity. Novice surfers often don't understand the importance of paddling and how much physical effort it requires. Many a first-time surfer will awake the following day to find their arms feeling like wet noodles.

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Your First Surfboard: 5 Tips on How to Choose the Right One

Tips on Choosing the Right First Surfboard

Correctly choosing your first surfboard makes a world of difference in how long it will take you to get the hang of catching waves. A typical knee-jerk reaction is to buy the most expensive, most hi-tech board available with the assumption that it will serve you better. It can actually make the beginning months of practice much harder. Here are...

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Learning the Basics of Surfing

Learning the basics is essential when learning the art of surfing!  Take the time to learn the little things so when it come to the big advanced stuff you got the basics in the bag!

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