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5 Tips for the Surf Novice: Choosing Your First Surfboard

Choosing Your First Surfboard

Choosing your first surfboard correctly makes a world of difference in how long it will take you to get the hang of catching waves. Here are 5 tips that can help you or your novice surfer get the best surfboard for the first 3 to 6 months of surfing lessons.

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Do I Need To Wear A Wetsuit To Surf?

Wetsuit for Surfing

Do I need to wear a wetsuit to surf? The short answer is no, you don't. There are lots of options to wear while surfing like board shorts, swim suits, jammers, dry suits, wetsuits and more.

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How To Choose A Wetsuit

Choosing A Wetsuit

    A wetsuit is usually worn by surfers, divers, and others water sports.  The suit provides thermal protection against cold water temperatures, abrasion resistance, and some buoyancy. Wetsuits are usually made of neoprene, which has an excellent chemical stability and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range. So the thicker the wetsuit' neoprene, the warmer it will be. Keep...

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