90 Minute Private Surf Lessons in San Diego
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The SDSS fan favorite! This is a best way to start surfing.

90 minutes is the perfect amount of time to learn the basics of a pop up, wave timing, and fundamentals of paddling.

The first 10 minutes will focus on water entry, water safety, and land instruction to perfect the pop up and stance before entering the water. The next 80 minutes will be filled with epic surfing and tailored surf instruction for the best experience.

Plus with our With top-of-the-line surf equipment, we guarantee you will be up on the board having a great time.

We’ve dedicated time and energy to find the best surf instructors in San Diego combined with unique surfing history and surfing style to tailor the surf lesson to achieve your specific surfing goals.  Our staff of professional lifeguard and CPR certified instructors will educate you on the proper techniques so you master the following:

  • Standing up
  • Paddling
  • Wave timing and placement
  • Wave selection
  • Surfboard and wetsuit education
  • Wave physics
  • Surf etiquette and safety
  • For 10 or more surfers, please call to make arrangements.
  • Pricing includes wetsuit and surfboard during lesson and for an additional hour after lessons.
  • Private and semi-private lessons after 3:30 PM must return surf boards and wetsuits after the lesson.