Instructor - Andrew Amato
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Andy Drum

"My name is Andrew Amato, I have been surfing for 7 years now. I started off just like anyone else at a surf school on a foamy. I fell in love with the sport and was in the water every single day for hours on end.

I started competing in high school with the scholastic surfing series, and won a couple of events. Currently I am a San Diego State Student and I am the captain of the surf team. We took 6th overall during this last season out of 29 teams, and I took 7th overall for all surfers.

I am a short boarder, and regular foot. My passion for surfing, and creating a fun environment for people to learn how to surf does not compare to anything else I do.

I love working for San Diego Surf school and being able to share my knowledge and experience with students.

See you in the water…YEWW!"