Instructor - Ryder Mackey
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Ryder Mackey
"Growing up in San Diego, the ocean and surfing have been a part of my life from the beginning. My dad is a lifelong surfer and passed that passion and appreciation for the sea. He couldn’t have been happier when I traded weekend soccer meets for surf competitions and surf trips to beaches near and far. Early on I was given the opportunity to represent different companies including Billabong, Hurley, Arnette, and DC as a team rider and wprk with several amazing surfboard craftsmen/artists like Larry Mabile, Steve Boysen, and Tim Bessell, collaborating on unique designs and testing them out in our local lineup and abroad. I love to travel and have had some great surfing adventures throughout Central and South America, Mexico, Europe, North West Africa, Southeast Asia, India, Indonesia, and Hawaii. Currently I am exploring/riding and sometimes shaping new finless surfboard designs out of wood and keeping it as fresh and fun as the first time I caught a wave."

Ryder Mackey