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How to Embrace the Surfer Lifestyle

Surf Lifestyle

When you picture a surfer, do images of Fast Times at Ridgemont High's Jeff Spicoli or Patrick Swayze's portrayal of Bodhi in the original Point Break come to mind? There is certainly a stereotype historically associated with surfers, often the bleach-blonde California space cadet that would rather spend the day taking bong hits and riding waves rather than doing anything of "substance." This stereotype has always been misguided, and these days it's incredibly outdated.

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Reading Surf Reports and Forecasts to Find the Perfect Wave

reading surf reports

If you want to know what the surf will be like at your favorite spot tomorrow, or the next day, or even next week, you will need to learn the art and science of interpreting surf forecasts, weather reports and maybe even raw buoy data. Staying tuned to various sources that address your nearest stretch of coastline, you will need...

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Surfing Dangers: Staying Safe in Open Water

open water swimming and surfing safety tips

If you're anything like me, the first time you went surfing you were so excited that any dangers that might be lurking above or beneath the waves were the furthest things from your mind. While excitement, adrenaline, and sheer will are all critical factors of an exhilarating and productive day out on the water, seasoned surfers are all too aware of the consequences

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Paddling: The Basics

Paddling basics

Paddling is one of the most fundamental elements of surfing, but it's an integral part of the activity. Novice surfers often don't understand the importance of paddling and how much physical effort it requires. Many a first-time surfer will awake the following day to find their arms feeling like wet noodles.

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