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Looking for a surfboard rental in San Diego? Look no further than San Diego Surf School for top-notch surfboard rentals that will elevate your experience on the waves. We have top brands like INT, Doyle, and Wavestorm, so you can catch exciting waves with the best equipment.

Why Choose Our Surfboard Rentals:

  • Our surfboard rentals offer a variety of choices for all skill levels and styles. We have different brands available, each with its own unique features.
  • Quality Assured: We maintain and inspect our premium surfboards after every use. Count on us for a seamless experience, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro.
  • Easy Online Booking: Booking your dream surfboard is a breeze with our website. Select your preferred store pickup location, choose your desired rental duration, and reserve your surfboard without hassle.
  • Easy surfboard pickup: Pickup your surfboard at one of our locations that suits you best. Convenience is key.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ride the waves with confidence and style. Secure your surfboard rental today by booking online with San Diego Surf School.

Book now and experience the ultimate surfing journey in San Diego with San Diego Surf School. Your perfect wave awaits!





  • 2 HOURS (¼ DAY)= $30 + TAX

  • 4 HOURS (½ DAY) = $45 + TAX

  • 8 HOURS (FULL DAY) = $60 + TAX


Choose Premium Surfboard Rentals in San Diego

You will find what suits your level of proficiency, from longboards to soft-top surfers, to fish styles of the best brands. You can easily book online and pick up with convenience since you can decide which of our stores you find favorable. Our rental packages are diverse; from short duration budget-friendly packages to all-day packages. We even offer great add-on services; the overnight rental and surfboard insurance designed to provide you with peace of mind and more memorable experiences.

Surfboard Insurance: Protect Your Ride

Get surfboard insurance so you won’t have to worry about damaging any equipment, the insurance would cover the replacement of your board in case of an accident. A stress-free journey is an enjoyable journey. You can insure your surfboard for a very affordable sum of $5.


Flexible Surfboard Rental Packages

Our San Diego surfboard rental offers packages that are flexible and designed to cover the needs of different lifestyles. Hence, we offer three packages that take into account diverse needs.

The two-hour package (1/4 day) for a quick fix; suits those who are often very busy or short on time, yet just can’t but hit the waves. It is also a very budget-friendly package for only $30+Tax.

The four-hour rental package (1/2 day) is if you have a little more time on your hands or if you are taking classes that need more time. It is also affordable and goes for $45+tax.

The eight-hour package (full day) is for diehard enthusiasts who want to indulge in the euphoria of surfing for the entire length of the day. The pricing is very fair; where we charge $45 for four hours; we just charge $60+tax to double that amount of time, into eight hours.

Top Surfboard Rentals for the Pros and the Newcomers

Glide with Longboard Brilliance (for beginners)

9 Ft SSR Maxx

These surfboards are ideal for newcomers or non-experienced surfers who struggle with pop-up fundamentals. The 29-inch width along with 4.5-inch bolt-thru performance fins provide stability even through the roughest waves, hence helping you surf with ease building up your skills and confidence.

10 Ft Buell

These surfboards offer more stability and catch speed easily. If the 9 Ft boards don’t suit your preference as a beginner, then the 10 Ft Buell is your best choice.

Soft-Top Surfers (for building up your skill set)

8 Ft Wavestorm

The flagship of surfing lessons worldwide. These boards offer great stability and control because of their triple-wooden-stringer underneath their visible center line; making them ideal for learners. It’s one of the fan favorites when it comes to surfboard rental in San Diego.

9 Ft SSR

Like the Wavestorms; it is very durable, and can handle day-to-day lessons and rentals, making it one of the most popular options for learners and coaches alike; a worry-free experience is guaranteed with such durable equipment. Its length and width offer both speed and adequate floatation.

Fish-Style Boards (for intermediate and advanced)

9 Ft Performance SSR

These surfboards offer both stability and maneuverability for surfers who gained some experience and are seeking to improve their skills and techniques. Fish-style boards are narrower and have a fine-tuned design to be performance-oriented

Mini-Longboards (for intermediate and advanced surfers)

7 Ft Buell

Mini-Longboards are the next step for advancing surfers who are ready for a challenge. They are the bridge between Longboards and Shortboards; as they offer more maneuverability and are tailored for surfers with more expertise, but they don’t compromise stability either making them ideal for beginners on their way to proficiency as well. If you are a seasoned surfer then step up your game and show off your skills with our 7 Ft Buell.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are your surfboards inspected and maintained?

Our surfboards are inspected and maintained after every use. Our commitment to providing you with premium service and top-quality surfboards is our priority. We will only rent surfboards in their optimal condition to offer you a seamless and safe experience.

Take into account the weather and wave conditions. Barreling waves and glassy weather are ideal for surfing, although a little wind isn’t much of a problem either. Choose the area of the beach that best faces the direction of the swell. Swells are the waves that are not produced by the local winds; those are the longer waves you are looking for. Remember take care of your surfboard, and your surfboard will take care of you.

When you rent a surfboard on a day with small waves (1-3 Ft) go for a shorter board with more volume and width because it can catch more speed and have better maneuverability. For medium Waves (3-6 Ft) a moderate length and volume works well providing stability and control. For large Waves (6+ Ft) longer, more streamlined boards with narrower outlines are preferable.

Surfers are passionate about the ocean; they are as much a part of the biodiversity of the ocean. Taking care of the ocean is taking care of home for them. With that said, surfers always adopt the ‘leave no trace’ principle. They make sure that nothing of their stay on the beach is left and all trash is disposed of in the right bins. Surfers should be careful not to harass marine life and avoid surfing in nesting seasons.

Our institution has committed itself to providing our surfers with a lifelong learning path. We have built strong bonds with our students and have monitored their progress. Opportunities for continuous education with advanced programs are set to enhance the skills of our students as they improve. We have invested time and energy to find the best surf instructors who will guide you through this journey.

Yes, you can rent a surfboard for a group or special event. Our services are tailored to provide flexible and convenient rental packages. Choose the package that covers the duration of your event; the quarter day, half day, or full day packages. You can also choose to rent more gear like surfboards and wetsuits at the same time for instance. And we suggest you get surfboard insurance to cover any damages to the gear in case of accidents.

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