Calling All Campers!

The season for surf camps is approaching and the team at the San Diego Surf School is stoked! Our summer surf camps are a time for kids to spend time at the beach and in the ocean to practice their surfing skills! Whether you are looking for a place for kids that know how to surf and want to improve skills or have never touched a board, the SDSS surf camp is for anyone who wants to be in the water. Here is what to expect at the San Diego Surf School camps. 


Check In 

Every day of the week the first thing you do is check in with the camp director. This way we know who is in camp for the day! The camp director or another instructor will then get the appropriate size wetsuit that we provide for campers.  


Warm Up

After check in the campers will stretch and warm up with the surf instructors. On the first day of camp they will also be assigned groups that they will surf with. On the following days during the warm up they will get into their groups so they are ready to surf! 


Water Safety 

Before we get in the water on the first day of camp the camp director will go over water safety and what the campers need to do to stay safe throughout the week. While the first day’s information will be more in depth, this information will be reviewed the rest of the days of the week.



After water safety, a surf instructor will teach the campers how to pop-up on their boards. Every day they will practice pop-ups before getting in the water. 



After these initial activities are completed, the campers will surf in their groups with an instructor. Now they can practice everything that they learned on the sand. 


Snack Break

The whole camp will get out of the water after a while of surfing for a snack break. We take time to regroup and re-energize with some food and rest on the beach. We provide snacks for the campers but everyone can bring their own food as well!


Walk or Play Games 

After the snack break the camp will reapply sunscreen and while we wait for the sunscreen to set, the cap will either take a walk on the beach or play a game. 



After the snack break and games, the campers will head back in the water to practice their surfing skills!


Check Out 

The camp director will call everyone out of the water at the end of the day. At this time, the campers must stay with their instructor or the camp director until they are signed out. 


If you’ve been thinking about surf camp at the San Diego Surf School we hope this run down helps. This is a typical day at our camp. We love to run our surf camps because we get to teach and surf with awesome kids who are stoked to be in the water. We are so excited to start our camp and we hope to see lots of groms ready to paddle out!