Top 10 Reasons to Live in San Diego

There’s plenty of stardom in Hollywood, millions of acres worth of national parks in Northern California, iconic city living in San Francisco, and dozens (or hundreds) of great beach cities all up and down the coast.

We might be biased, but we really do believe that San Diego is the finest city in America. Whether you already live in California or you’re considering moving, here are our top reasons why we live in San Diego:



San Diego’s average temperature hovers around 70 degrees, 365 days out of the year. In the summertime, temperatures occasionally climb up into the 80’s and the entire city thinks it’s the heat-wave of the century (if you’re from the desert, this is laughable.) Similarly, wintertime temps drop into the low 60’s or high 50’s at night, and San Diegans need to turn on their heaters at night (for people from the Midwest, this is also laughable). You can expect perfect year-round weather, and you can expect to wear flip-flops 100% of the time (if that’s your style, of course).


San Diego is full of tan, fit, outdoorsy people. There are scenic running options, great hikes, and outdoor workout areas. If you enjoy working on your fitness and hanging out in the outdoors, there are about 1 million other people that share your enthusiasm.


There are no cities in the world with better water-sport options than San Diego. If you’re interested in sailing, surfing, scuba diving, swimming, rowing, kayaking, or anything else that takes place on the water, San Diego has you covered.


If you like to travel, San Diego is conveniently located for many road-trip options. From San Diego, you’re less than a day’s drive from Las Vegas, National Parks in Northern California, and some destinations in Mexico. All you need to do is gas up your car and hit the road.


Compared to other major cities in California, the San Diego area is relatively affordable. Admittedly, if you’re moving to San Diego from somewhere outside of California, you’re going to find the cost of living to be extremely high. But if you’re coming from L.A. or San Francisco, the cost of living will feel much more affordable.


If you’re looking to pick out a college, or maybe your kids will be college aged in the future, San Diego is a fantastic area to live. San Diego is a city that prides itself on having great options for higher education. There are a couple of internationally renowned universities here (Such as UCSD and SDSU), and there are dozens of smaller colleges and universities that are much more affordable (and easier to get into).


If you consider yourself a foodie, there are few cities with better options than San Diego. Due to its proximity to Mexico, the San Diego area is best known for its incredible Mexican food (which is a reputation that’s well deserved). However, you can eat your way around the world while you’re in San Diego, and you can try cuisines from anywhere on the planet. We might be biased, but we’re personally a big fan of Moroccan food.  


There are countless parks and museums to entertain children with. Plus, the great weather and outdoor culture help keep children physically active year-round. This unique environment of outdoor play and educational entertainment gives families great flexibility for planning their weekends together. Also, San Diego has a fantastic public school system.


If you’re a social butterfly, there are plenty of people to befriend in San Diego. Whether you’re hanging out at your local bar or getting in on a pick-up game of volleyball at a nearby beach, San Diego has some of the friendliest people in the world.


It’s been said that “all roads lead to Rome” but in San Diego “all roads lead to the beach.” If you like sunsets, surfboards, and great tans, there’s no better city in the world. For those interested in beach living, there’s no reason to look any further than San Diego. If you’re not someone who usually loves to don flip-flops and take a stroll in the sand, there are still plenty of boardwalk and water-front options for you to enjoy in this fine beach city.


We hope this convinced you that this is a fantastic city to live in. It is evident to us that San Diego has a little bit of everything for everyone. San Diego’s perfect weather makes living here easy all-year. The outdoor and fitness culture can inspire anybody to stay healthy and in shape. There’s no better place on Earth for water sports, and families have fantastic options for schools as well as weekend plans. Plus, at the end of the day, San Diego is a relaxed beach city full of friendly people.