Staying in Shape In and Out of the Water!

With the new year beginning it always a good idea to start the year off with good habits. One really good habit is to find workouts that are good for you. While we all love to surf and it offers a great way to exercise, sometimes we can’t make it out to the line up. If that’s the case, don’t worry about missing out on improving because we’ve compiled surfing workouts from different surfing companies to make sure that while you’re spending time on the land, you are still in shape to paddle out in the water. Here are some different kinds of workouts so you can find the best ones for you in the new year!

Surfer Magazine workout

This work out is brought to us by Surfer magazine. This is an equipment workout that targets key muscles that are needed to surf. This equipment workout is a great way to strengthen and target muscle groups. Surfer magazine is a reliable surfing source that knows what kinds of workouts and muscles you need in order to be in great surfing shape. This workout is a great one for the gym since you will need some machines and exercise materials in order to complete it. If this workout seems to be one that you might love, click here to check it out. 

Yoga for surfers

Yoga is an amazing way to improve your balance and flexibility. Both balance and flexibility are foundations of surfings and are needed in order to optimize performance. Lucky, there are some great yoga workouts that you can try to help you improve. This workout is one that every surfer should look at because it can help with performance while also being relaxing. Here is a yoga workout that will help you improve your surfing.  

Billabong workout

This is a body workout and my personal favorite. All you need for this surf enhancing workout is  yourself! This workout is a fast paced training session that is used to target key areas that need strength in surfing while also challenging your whole body. Because it is fast paced, this is a cardio workout that is good for your heart. Because this is a body weight workout you can do this training in your home to get your whole body ready to hit the line up. Check out the workout here.


If you just can’t decide which workout  to choose you might want to start with this one. The SurferToday workout is a full one with many different options. This way you can try them all, or pick and choose the ones you want to commit to. Whatever you do decide, you can’t go wrong because the workouts are designed to help you become a better surfer. Click here to see the workout. 

With the new year many are thinking of ways in which they can improve themselves in many different ways. One of the great things about surfing is that it is something that you can always improve on. If you’re looking for ways to better yourself in the new year, try these different workouts to optimize your surfing performance.