Surfing Gifts for Every Budget

Christmas is coming and if you’re looking for some last minute gift ideas, here are some surfing gifts that any surfer would be stoked to receive:

Best Stocking Stuffers: All for ~<$20

  • Wax: Can’t go wrong with wax. In San Diego, go for cool or cold water wax for the winter. 


  • Wax combs: To go with the fresh bars of wax, they’ll need a wax comb to scrape their board clean and rewax for the winter.


  • Fin key and leash plug: These things are tiny and go missing so it’s never a bad idea to have an extra or two laying around. Pro tip: keep one on your keyring so it’s always handy.


  • Sunscreen: If you live somewhere like San Diego that’s sunny year round. It’s important to stay covered up with sunscreen. Vertra is our go to face stick here at San Diego Surf School. 

Gifts for under the tree by budget:

  • Leash (~$20-50): If the velcro on their old leash is starting to lose its stick, a new leash is a great gift. Or if they have multiple surfboards, they can have a leash for each board. This is a great gift for a surfer and comes at affordable prices. See our blog post about best leashes for our recommendations!


  • Beach towel (~$30-60): Either a beach towel or a changing poncho is a great gift for a surfer. It’s super convenient to have a couple towels to keep in rotation while one is drying or dirty. 


  • New Boardshorts/Swimsuit (~$40-120): In our blog post about packing a perfect surf bag, we give some of our swimsuit recommendations. These can range a lot in price, but with so many solid options, it is easy enough to find a perfect gift.


  • Board sock/bag (~$40-150): Board socks make for a great bit of storage and protection for your surfboards. If you want, you can also splurge for a “day bag” if you want a bit more protection from dings and having your wax melted in the heat.


  • Wetsuit (~$150-500+): A new winter suit is like a cozy blanket and can take away any cold water misery you may otherwise experience this winter season. If you have the money, this is a gift that will always be appreciated by any surfer.


  • New Surfboard (~$200-1000): The ultimate gift for a surfer to receive on Christmas. A decent new soft top will run a couple or few hundred dollars and is an amazing gift for a beginner surfer. As you get into fiberglass or custom surfboards, the price shoots up drastically. But for those with the means, there is no better feeling in the world than adding a fresh board to your quiver.