Why you Should Find a Surfboard Shaper

Your local surfboard shaper wants you to have the surfboard of your dreams. Shapers are passionate about surfing and that is why they exist. If you need a new surfboard, then finding a local shaper is a great decision, because you can customize the board to your liking. It has the potential of being the best board you’ve ever surfed on.

Imagine having the surfboard that you’ve always desired. That’s what a shaper can do for you! As the backbone of the industry, shapers make boards specifically for your needs and surfers should take advantage of that. 


When you get a board custom made for you and ride it for the first time, you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t get a custom board sooner. Compared to a board you buy off the rack, shapers are able to tweak dimensions to suit your needs. Your custom made board will most likely feel like a world of a difference compared to other boards you’ve surfed on.


You have your own surf style, so that means a board that is made for your needs will make you shine out on the waves. Now, that’s not saying to give up your dreams of getting your dream board by your dream company. However, it would be beneficial for you to get one that is tweaked to make your strengths shine and help you improve on your weaknesses.


Do your research to find a local shaper. You should also develop a relationship with a surfer to let the get to know what your surf style is like. After getting to know you, your local shaper will know exactly what you need to thrive in surfing. For those who live too far from their custom shaper, the website http://www.sharpeyesurfboards.com allows people order a custom board online.

Watch this surfboard shaper tell his story about why he chose to become a shaper. His job is to get everyone else in the water, and his purpose is to touch other people.


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