SUP With Your Pup

Standup paddleboarding is a dynamic and enjoyable way to experience the water. The full body workout and unique perspective on nature are exceedingly invigorating. So don’t keep all that fun to yourself. Consider sharing your board with a canine companion.

Most dogs love the water, and nothing pleases a four-pawed pal more than recreational activities with their favorite human. And you WILL be their favorite human if you take them paddle boarding!

With a few preparations and accessories, your best furry friend can join you on your next trip to the beach.

Accessorize: Just because your tag-along is a canine, doesn’t mean they’re exempt from safety protocols. A doggy life jacket is appropriate for the ocean and deep water journeys. Make sure the vest is snug and comfortable, just like your PFD! Dogs can be trained to occupy their space on the front of the board, and that space should be outfitted with traction pads. If your dog is unsteady on their feet, they will not trust you or the board. A travel dog bowl for water is also a must. Dogs need to hydrate just like you do!

Prepare: Make sure that your dog has an up-to-date collar and all the necessary licenses and vaccines for the area. Responsible pet parenting is a prerequisite for public outings of any kind. And check the paws. Your dog needs a pedicure prior to paddle boarding. Trim their nails to prevent scratches on your board or gouging the traction pads. Also, cut back the hair between your dog’s pads. Long, wet, paw hair can compromise your dog’s sure-footedness and lead to slips.

Try paddle boarding with your pup! Nothing beats hanging ten with someone who can hang sixteen!