Top Dog (Beaches)

While surfing is something so many of us love, for many San Diegans there is another place in our heart for something other than the water, dogs.  Even though sometimes when you paddle out you have to leave your pup at home, there are many ways to share your love of the ocean with your dog. Luckily, San Diego is an extremely dog friendly city to live in so your dog can tag along on a trip to the beach. If you want to find a place where you can combine your two loves we have a list of dog friendly beaches that you and your pup can both enjoy! 


Coronado beach is an amazing place to take your pup. The dog area is the north part of the shore and you can find street parking and simply walk over to the ocean. This is a great beach to take your dog that is still getting used to beaches because of the room your pup will have and the usually calm ocean. There is lots of space on this beach and is also far away from a street so you can let your dog roam free and enjoy the shore. 

Ocean Beach 

This beach is a go to for dog owners. Depending on the day, parking may be difficult because while there is a parking lot outside of the beach it is a popular spot for surfers and dog owners alike. The parking lot is far away from the beach so you can rest assured your dog is safe. Here you can choose between the bay and the ocean and also let your dog run around the large sand area. This beach is usually filled with other pups so it’s a great place to take your dog to socialize with other pups. 

Sunset Cliffs 

This spot had the best views on the list. You can picnic on the cliffs with you pup while enjoying the views of the ocean. While this beach is beautiful it is a good idea to keep your dog on a leach here so they stay safe. It’s also a beach menu for sitting so if you have an energetic pup, this might not be the spot for them. If you have a chill dog though, this will be their new favorite place! 


Along with awesome surf, Cardiff beach is super dog friendly! This beach isn’t level with the town above meaning your dog will be safe because they will be enclosed in the sand area rather than exposed to the street or parking lot. Let your dog roam along with other dogs or take them on a stroll down this beautiful beach. 

The next time you want to head to the beach but cant beat the thought of leaving your loved pup at home, make a trip to one of these amazing dog spots on the coast. Make sure to pack your sunscreen for you, a ball for your pup. and water for you both to enjoy the awesome sand and sea that San Diego has to offer for you and your dog!