Why Meditation Can Help You Be a Better Surfer

If you’re hesitant about trying meditation because it seems too deep, spiritual and serious, don’t fret because it doesn’t have to be. Meditation can set the tone for your day, and if you plan to surf the day you meditate, it can set the tone for your surf session.


You may be wondering where to even start. When you sit down to meditate, grab some tea, sit in silence and breathe deeply. This will set the tone for your meditation. Meditation doesn’t have to be formal, and you don’t have to be a meditation guru like Gandhi to benefit from it. Find a ritual that is silent, gives you peace of mind, and gives you a feeling of gratitude.


Sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to get out to the ocean and surf. Meditation is used as a tool for self-reflection, where you can foster the energy and attitude you want in your day. It will give you a feeling of gratitude and take away the stress you experience each day, so you can find calm and direction for your day. Surfing is also a form of meditation in itself, just like taking out your cup of tea and taking deep breaths to clear your mind and find a calm place.


Surfing is more than a sport; it’s a philosophy and lifestyle that gives you meditative opportunities. There are many people who surf for meditation and relaxation to find inner peace. Some elements of surfing are repetitive, like paddling out to the water, away from land, distractions, and noisiness. It’s just you and the water. This is a form of meditation because you repeatedly do an activity that requires minimal thought and discomfort, while the body falls into a pattern of enacting what feels natural. Surfing gives moments of liberation and pride as you fight through those moments of fear, intimidation and doubt. Through this meditative act, surfing, you find yourself suddenly standing on top of a natural element, a wave.

Next time you plan to surf, try a little meditating in the morning, and treat your surf session as a meditative experience.