Meet the Lineup

Here at the San Diego Surf School we have a tight knit team that ensures that everything’s runs smoothly. From running surf camps, to teaching lessons, to managing the office, our team works hard to make sure that we are able to share our passions of surfing with people young and old from all over the word. So what’s it like to  work at San Diego Surf School? We asked some of our instructors to give us their experiences to show you what it’s really like to work in a place that teaches people how to surf! 

Meet Kate 

Kate works in the office and the beach so she had a unique view of what it’s like to work at SDSS. She is the manager of TikTocs for SDSS. Kate likes going down to the beach to make the TikTocs because she gets to be in the sunshine and hang out with the instructors to make fun videos. In the summer she likes being able to enjoy the San Diego weather at the beach. Camps are a highlight for her because she gets to hang out with kids and teach them how to surf. Kate says that the office is chill and you get to meet some pretty cool people and dogs that stop by the shop. Another benefit of working at the office is all the good food places nearby, she’s a regular at Java Earth. You have to have good customer service skills and be able to problem solve but Kate really likes working with all the other office people during the off season. 

Meet Grady

Grady is one of our amazing surf instructors and spends his time at the beach. He has been surfing for ten years and is passionate about the sport. Grady says that it is super fun to go to a job that allows him to teach people about what he is passionate about. Because this is such a cool opportunity, it doesn’t really feel like a work.

Meet Riley 

Riley is one of our surf instructors and beach captains here at the San Diego Surf School. This means that Riley gets to teach lessons on some days while others, he hangs out on the beach to make sure everything is running smoothly. He is an amazing surfer and loves to share his knowledge with others. Riley thinks that the San Diego Surf School is a fun environment because it’s nice to have a job that allows you to enjoy the outside. He loves being paid to be in the water. 

Meet Laura 

Laura is one of the office managers at the San Diego Surf School and works hard to make sure that everything is in order for lessons and for our instructors. The office environment can be fast paced at times but it is still a fun environment to work in. Laura likes working in the office because she says she gets to help create a positive experience before the lesson. She says that it’s cool that San Diego Surf School is a part of a community and she likes when people from Pacific Beach stop by to say hi. 

While there are still many more team players at the San Diego Surf School now you’ve some of the folks that help to make sure that people are learning how to surf in a fun environment. Because we work so hard to create a positive experience, the team at San Diego Surf School also has a lot of fun working together. We are a close community and we love to work together to make surfing your favorite thing to do!