What should I take to the beach this spring break?

Spring break is just around the corner! And while planning still may be in the works, we want to make sure you’ve got a few must have items in your travel bag to make it the perfect surfing venture! Here’s some packing list items you don’t want to forget as you head to the beach this spring!


Being able to make the most out of a beach day while visiting San Diego means sun protection is a must!  There is little to no shade on most San Diego beaches. Be sure to pack sunscreen, water, hat, and eyewear.  For skin protection, we recommend choosing brands with environmentally friendly sunscreens with is oxybenzone and octinoxate free labels. A few of our favorite brands include Sunbum and TropicSport (carried in most local stores). As always be sure to apply multiple times throughout the day and stay hydrated.


As for eye protection, a hat as well as sunglasses are always the best way to go.  If you forget one, don’t worry! We carry San Diego Surf School hats-which great for the water too. Another team favorite are the popular bucket hats, which will have you styling and keeping from getting too much sun. For sunglasses, nothing says San Diego like Blenders Eyewear-located a few blocks from the Pacific Beach shop. These laid back beach sunglasses are affordable, fashionable and what all the locals are raving about. 


One more beach essential, a towel! It is always nice to have even on a hot day for lounging, read a book, and later for the sunset. Grab one from your place, or at our store in both Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach. If you are for more than just a towel, check out Sand Cloud. Using recycled materials and donating a portion of each sale to marine conservation, Sand Cloud checks off all boxes for the perfect beach accessories! 


The beach is a perfect all day adventure: early morning jog or surfing, followed by a picnic lunch, afternoon competition of volleyball or bocce ball and rounding out the day with some friends, a speaker for a little Jack Johnson and a California sunset. To make a perfect beach day this means to bring along a Bose speaker or JBL. Be sure they are sand and water resistant!  And if for looking for more land activities to dry off in between surf sessions, be sure to pack a Frisbee, football, or Spikeball. Now that you have all the beach essentials, make sure you pack plenty of bathing suits, beach cover-ups, and a few warm outfits for when the sun goes down!



For the water games, the best thing to do in the water is to surf!  Whether you have one or need to rent one, a surfboard should be the number one thing on your beach packing list! If you’re a total newbie to the beach, don’t worry. We not only have your packing list down, but we also offer surf lessons and rentals for you! 

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