Surfer’s Holiday Gifts Ideas for 2016

While surfing itself is unique due to its relatively minimal approach — a surfboard and ocean-access are inherently all you need — that doesn’t leave you completely out of gift options for the surfer in your life. Here are a few of the best (and affordable) holiday gifts surfers will love this holiday season:


It is winter and the water is pretty chilly. An old and leaking wetsuit can get uncomfortable fast during this season. McNett Wetsuit Cement is ideal for patching up a favourite suit so the surfer in your life can comfortably get back into the water as soon as possible.


Quality tie down straps are key for surfers who don’t have a truck (and even if they do). They are one of those items that often skip notice but make a big difference, especially for surfers who often go out with friends and need ways of securing their boards to other vehicles. 


Again, wetsuits are crucial in the winter. But they don’t really dry fast enough, especially for those surfers living in crowded apartments. This high-tech, surfer-designed dryer quickly dries a wetsuit to eliminate bad odors and messy drips. The Hangair unit also works great on rain suits and other heavy weather gear.


Finally, for those days when they can’t get out, a surfing flick is an ideal past time. View From a Blue Moon is just one of the few great surfing films to come out in recent years. For other DVD options, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help you pick out the best surfer holiday flick for that wave-chaser in your life.


Give them the gift of adventure of the ocean as they learn to surf with San Diego Surf School. Offered as 5 day, 3 day and weekend camps, surfers will learn: Surfing basics, surf etiquette, wave selection, and ocean safety and awareness.  This gift also has additional feature services that includes: yoga, massage, and hotel accommodations.  

What’s even better? Surf lesson or a gift card to San Diego Surf School would make an exciting gift for someone who never surfed before or looking to improve their surfing.  Give us a call if you need help choosing a lesson or grab a gift card here: