Surf Travel – Morocco, Agadir

Surfing is a unique sports defined by ocean currents, weather dynamics, and the physics of torque, power and speed. Surfing is a sport seen as a place for unity, where people from around the world can meet together all for the same goal- stoke. The coastline of Morocco offers plenty of surf as well as comfortable travel depending on your likes and wants.

Today, we will focus on the southern town of Agadir Morocco at it’s neighboring surf town of Tamraught and Tagazout. Agadir is a great cultural city of Morocco, marked by delicious fish, souks for shopping, and endless coastline for those perfect summer nights. Nestled about 2 hours southwest of the desert and infamous Marrakesh, many find it easiest to fly to and rent a car to travel along to toll road to Agadir. Or, like many other fly directly into Agadir from just about anywhere in the world to get started on the summer right away. Many compare Agadir, Morocco to Cabo San Lucas and other coastline Mexico cities for the ease in travel, the rich culture and history, and most importantly surf. There are plenty of places to surf in Agadir, however our favorite spots are just north of Agadir in the neighboring town of Tamraght and Taghazout. In a car or bus from Agadir, travel to the cliffside beach town of Taghazout. There a plenty of hostels and boutique hotels to stay in this small town. The small town offers a few cafe’s perfect to stop in after a nice surf session. Another fan favorite is in the town 3km south at the Riad Dar Haven of Tamraght. A beautiful quiet stay with limited rooms will be met by the owner and his wife running the front reception area and shuttling patrons to destinations. The food is fresh and delicious, and the decorations are unique to southern Morocco- you just have to stay for yourself to find out. What’s great about the Tamraght, is right out front is the endless Banana Beach. It’s great for a days trip to the beach, beginner and intermediate surfing and plenty of beach to share. You’ll find many walking and running on this coastline, and some just making it the perfect place for a nap. There is also a couple cafes for a nice cup of Moroccan tea or hit the adrenaline button for for 4 wheeling along the dunes. Make sure to enjoy the seafood and tagine while in one of these two surf towns. For the surf, the best thing is to locate Banana Beach and begin trekking north past Taghazout. There is an excellent peak at Anchor’s point, but it quickly looses charm with the crowds. Of course these aren’t like the southern California crowds, so we will let you decide. It is just as you leave the small town of Taghazout. There will be a dirt area to park in-just look for all the cars. Otherwise, just on the other side are the surf sports of Mystery and La Source. There is a small beach area that is hidden and slight walk down from the road. And if either of these just aren’t what you are looking for on that particular day, continue north for a fun journey to the fishing village of  Imsouane. Here you will find goats on trees, plenty of sardines, and the beautiful bay. Many enjoy the surf spot cathedral and the bay. Stay tuned for more tips on traveling to all our favorite spots, including other’s in Morocco, Baja California, Peru, and Spain.