Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day!  Happy Earth Day, today we will celebrate by appreciating our home and the home of so many others! Here at the San Diego Surf School, we love the earth and are looking forward to celebrating it. We are especially grateful that we are able to spend time in the ocean surfing. In celebration of Earth Day, here is a list of things you could do to help keep our oceans clean!


Invest in Reef Safe Products 

Whether you’re a surfer or just like swimming in the waves, there are products you can buy that are better for the environment. While there are certain things you need to have for a great beach day, some are known to harm the reefs in the ocean.  However, there are alternative products that are made with the ocean in mind. You can check out products to invest in here so you can help keep the reefs safe.


Beach Clean Up

Beach clean ups are an amazing way to do your part in keeping the oceans and beach clean, and the sealife safe. Here at SDSS, we have beach clean up gear (including buckets and trash grabbers) that you can borrow the next time you want to help the planet. Stop by the shop, grab the gear and begin making a difference for our earth!


Buy Less Plastic 

The next time you go shopping, try to think about your purchases. Plastic is known to harm the environment and can be especially dangerous for sea life. With this in mind, the next time you’re at the store try to shop consciously and buy less plastic and bring your own reusable bags. This will help the overall production of plastic to decrease and is a great way to help the earth!


Consume Responsibly Sourced Food

Food is an important part of all kinds of life. Sometimes the food humans eat is not the most environmentally friendly and can leave an impact on the world more than we realize. Fishing has the potential to be harmful when not done in a sustainable way. With this in mind, the next time you’re looking to eat seafood, check the labels or ask if it is responsibly sourced. Alternatively, try seafood or meat that will leave less of a carbon footprint!


Earth day is about appreciating the world that we live in and the many ways in which we all work together to continue living in a sustainable way. These are a few suggestions for you to celebrate the earth and our oceans. But it’s most important that we try our best to share our love with the earth in whatever way we can!