Tips from a Surf Instructor

If you’re new to surfing or just looking for some extra tips, look no further. The surf instructors at San Diego Surf School have advice that we have collected over the years of surfing. These are some things that can help you stay prepared, assist you in becoming a better surfer, and make your experience more fun and enjoyable. Check out these tips that we’ve compiled for you so you can get stoked about surfing! 

Check the surf report

Take a look at the surf report in order to see if it’s worth paddling out. While surfing is always a good way to spend your time, some days might be either too big or too small or too windy or choppy. The report can also let you know how cold the water will be so you know what kind of gear to bring with you to the beach.  

Bring appropriate gear

Make sure to pack for the day. If the water is cold bring a wetsuit and maybe some booties. Always have water with you so when you get out of the water you can stay hydrated. It’s always more fur to surf when you are prepared. 

Perfect your pop-up

Perfecting your pop-up is imperative because a pop up is the basis of surfing. In order to perfect your pop-up, make sure to spend time out of the water practicing. It’s important to get the motions correct rather than your speed. This means to slow down while you are leaning to ensure you are doing the pop-up the right way instead of just trying to stand up on the surfboard really fast. A good pop up will allow you to build off of a good foundation and will make it easier for you to excel in your surfing skills!

Work out outside of the water 

When you are not surfing it’s still important to stay healthy and exercise. It’s also important that you keep your arms and core muscles strong so you don’t lose power when you’re paddling in the water. Surfing workouts are a great way to keep your core and arms strong. Yoga can also help you practice your balance outside of the water. 

Don’t grab the rails 

While the side of the board (the rails) feel like a great way to grip the board, it makes it much harder to stand up. When you are going to pop up on the board, make sure that your hands are flat on the face of the board rather than gripping the rails. This is one of the most frequent reminders that surf instructors give their students to make sure that when you’re practicing, you keep this tip in the back of your mind. 

Practice, practice, practice 

The most important tip that we can give you is to practice. To get better at surfing you just need to spend time in the water building up your skills.  

We hope these tips help you! When you are a beginning surfer or looking to improve upon your skills, it is always nice to think about ways to improve and make the best of your surfing experience! The next time you think about paddling out, consider these tips to have a gnarly surf sesh!