Do I Need to Wear a Rash Guard While Surfing?

Some people may ask the ironic question, “Do I need to wear a rash guard while surfing?” Well, let’s put it this way. When you are out coasting the waves, below the seagulls – you are open game to the sunlight and its torrid flirtation. If you are paddling on your waxed board under the sun’s rays and reflection, there’s only one friend you can rely on: Rash Guards.

The Rash Guard’s life’s mission is to give you rash protection, warmth and sun protection.


Wax is real friendly with the boards, but not exactly with you – especially when it involves your torso and a gnarly rash. The wax from the board will leave you with a terrible rash if you skid across it abrasively. You can also avoid the irritation that can come with wearing a wetsuit alone. Not only that, the sand and rapid impact on the water can cause nasty abrasions and irritation.


Rash guards are the nautical heroes to the riders of the big wave. Those invisible light beams can distract you from the kahunas. Sunburned backs and inflamed rashes will plague your surfing skills. Rash guards and surfers should be well acquainted with each other. The highest quality of rash guards come with an SPF factor of up to 150, nearly making you less prone to sunburns. The fabric provides an extra layer of protection against the sun, very similar to sunscreen.


Not only do rash guards protect you from the sun, but they also dry quicker than T-shirts. This way you will get warmer faster compared to when you get out of the water. Are you wondering what the whole science is behind the rash guard? Well, first of all, the fabric is made of spandex, nylon, polyester. In fact, there is even a thermal insulating fabric that will keep you warm. Those materials protect you from the sun. The rash guard is lightweight, but it comes in different thicknesses.

Just as it is advisable to wear pads when sparring in a fight, it is most recommended to wear rash guards when surfing. You will be the Knights of the Shining Oceans.