That’s a Wrap! Parting Ways With 2020

With the year coming to an end, many want to celebrate. A good way to do so is to take time to do something fun in San Diego. Our favorite way to celebrate a warm winter is to enjoy all of the things that SD has to offer. The team at San Diego Surf School has some favorite spots that remind us how amazing the place we live in is. We’ve come up with a list of some of the best spots in San Diego so if you’re looking for a way to celebrate the ending of another year in SD, you can check out these places. Celebrate the end of the year with San Diego Surf School’s favorite things to do!

Sunset Cliffs 

Living up to its name, this is one of the best places in San Diego to watch the sunset and the ocean. The cliffs overlook the ocean and sit above some amazing beaches so you can enjoy the beach and then head up to the cliffs to watch the sunset. Or get some food from many nearby restaurants and enjoy the sunset from the back of your car. Either way, head over to Sunset Cliffs to take in the beautiful views. 

Newport Ave

Newport Avenue is located in Ocean Beach and is an amazing way to experience OB and its unique vibes. Stroll down Newport Avenue where you can find local shops and street vendors. On your walk, you can stop in one of the many restaurants to grab a bite to eat from places that are local to OB. 

Farmer’s Markets

The farmer’s markets are another great way to shop locally. You can find a ton of cool stuff that ranges from fresh produce to locally made art. San Diego has many different farmer’s markets so you can stop by multiple ones during the week to find everything you need. Here are some of our favorite farmer’s markets around SD:

  • OB – Wednesday from 4pm-6pm 
  • PB – Tuesday from 2pm-6pm 
  • Little Italy – Saturday from 8am-2pm 
  • North Park – Thursday 3pm-7:30pm 


San Diego offers amazing hikes all over the county. Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced hiker, there are trails for you! Walking through some of San Diego’s most scenic places reminds us how lucky we are to live in such an amazing place. When you are at the top of the hikes, you are able to take in the amazing views that SD has to offer. Here are some of our favorite hikes around San Diego that are good for any skill level:

  • Cowells Mountain- located in La Mesa, this hike has two different trails to choose from, an easy and a harder trail. No matter which one you choose, they both lead to the top of a mountain that overlooks all of San Diego.
  • Torrey Pines – Torrey Pines is a hike that sits above northern San Diego beaches. This entire hike offers views of the water overlooking the ocean and sand below. It is also a fairly easy hike without too much of an incline. 
  • Potato chip rock – This hike is located a little north of San Diego but is worth the drive. After hiking through beautiful forests, you will arrive at a thin cliff structure that looks almost too fragile to stand on. Not to worry though, many people have ventured out to what looks like a potato chip rock to stand on this surprisingly sturdy structure. 

Dog Beach 

Whether you have a pup or just want to watch a bunch of cute dogs running around and enjoying San Diego, the dog beaches are the gems of San Diego. With two different beaches to choose from, you’re sure to see some cute animals loving their lives. 

  • Ocean Beach – This dog beach has both the ocean and the bay for your dog to play in. It’s great for dogs that are still getting used to the water and need to wade in something calmer before heading out to the waves. 
  • Coronado – Coronado dog beach is located right by the military base so you can admire cool ships while playing with your pup. Parking is usually pretty good around this beach so if your dog just can’t wait to get to the sand, it’s an easy walk from your car. 

Balboa Park

A walk through Balboa Park will make you feel like you’re traveling to a European town. Here you can find beautiful buildings that house many different museums. There are also trails that take you through forests so you can go on a serene hike. Then you can grab food at many of the different restaurants and sit in the music amphitheater and enjoy performances from many different artists. While you’re walking through the park on the weekends you’ll find vendors that line the streets so you can shop for locally made art and snacks!

San Diego is a great place to be to finish out the year of 2020. One of the great things about San Diego is that it has many different adventures to offer! Celebrate by enjoying the many wonderful places around SD.