Surfing Stance And Wave Selection

Understanding the surfing stance of riding “goofy” and “regular” can make all the difference in mastering the waves. In this blog, we’ll look into the intricacies of these stances and how they influence a surfer’s wave selection, especially for those embarking on their surf lesson through San Diego Surf School.


First things first: what exactly do “goofy” and “regular” mean in the world of surfing? It’s all about stance. A “regular” surfer stands on the board with their left foot forward and conversely, a “goofy” surfer rides with their right foot forward. While it may seem like a simple difference, it sometimes impacts a surfer’s choice of a wave. If you are taking a lesson with San Diego Surf School, your instructor will guides you through the basics of which stance feels more natural to you. For some, the regular stance feels intuitive, while others find comfort in the goofy stance. Understanding your preferred stance is the first step towards unlocking your surfing potential.

Wave Selection:

Now, let’s talk about wave selection. San Diego boasts an array of surf spots, each offering its own unique waves. Whether you’re paddling out at Pacific Beach or testing your skills at Black’s Beach, your stance plays a role in determining the waves you might tend to take. For “regular” surfers, waves breaking right align perfectly with their stance, allowing for more natural maneuverability. Conversely, goofy surfers thrive on waves breaking left. Riding the waves on your “frontside” typically feels more straightforward when having the face of the wave on the inside of you body’s stance. On the other hand, riding “backside” is when the face of the wave is behind you and may tend to feel a bit more challenging when first riding and attempting maneuvers. This interplay between stance and wave direction can shape the surfing session in the waves you might go for.

In the end, whether you ride goofy or regular, it is best to get comfortable riding both your “frontside” and “backside”. So grab your board and embrace the wave’s of San Diego.