El Niño Says Hello

San Diego, California Friday 11th, 2015 Today people across San Diego County have been battening the hatches, staying off roads, and uncharacteristically finding ways to entertain themselves indoors.  We are currently dealing with the less popular side affects of an el niño season, strong wave developing systems serving an overbearing course of weather to complement the coveted serving of swell.  Admittedly, my arms are sore from the few weeks’ run of solid waves and the beautiful conditions we’ve been enjoying. The pause in the action today offers a welcome respite, a chance to reflect on the stories told in waves ridden, produced by the same swells we’ve seen here over the last week or so. For those tech savvy desk surfers, this has certainly been a run to remember.  In all three events, the Vans Triple Crown has kept webcast devotees glued to their screens.  My favorite portion thus far was watching the worlds best tackle macking Sunset.  Now, after two less than perfect but still exciting days at the Pipe Masters, the CT title contenders (Mick, Felipe, Adriano, Julian, in that order) have beaten there way through popular wild card heroes like Jack Robinson and Bruce Irons.  There is still a lot of surfing to be done before a World Champion and Pipe Master will be crowned, we just hope that it can be in the perfect and terrifying Banzai Pipeline of our dreams.