Fundamentals of Surfing – San Diego, California

Understanding surfing fundamentals is important to feel like a complete surfer. Listed below is some of the surfing knowledge from Surfer Magazine that you should become familiar with:

Master A Seamless Bottom Turn

A seamless turn is what will set up every maneuver you do in surfing. Are you wondering what makes a good bottom turn? It actually just depends because it’s a setup maneuver.  For example, your bottom turn going into a barrel will be different going into a big carve. The sign of a good bottom turn is if it generates a lot of speed, being done in one motion. Doing a lot of adjustments is to be avoided. You might often see people doing a two or three-part turn, but one complete fluid movement is best.

Master A Powerful Snap

The sign of a good snap is a powerful one. This is a crucial part of power surfing. Once you do a really solid powerful snap, it will be a great feeling! Here’s a tip for a powerful snap: go straight up into the lip, top to bottom, and lay into the wave with all your power. A way to get motivation is to watch videos of your favorite surfer doing solid snaps. Accomplishing this will help to feel like you are progressing and becoming the great surfer that you want to be.

Master A Stylish Layback

This is another reason to videos of some your favorite surfers. Studying these videos will guide and inspire you to achieve an amazing layback. The best laybacks are done with as much speed as possible, should be done under the lip instead of on the shoulder. 

Master The Barrel

Knowing how to navigate through the barrel is a crucial element to master. Knowing your way through a barrel is all about timing, setting the line that fits the tube, and a lot of practice. Setting your line too high will cause you to get pitched by the lip, and if you set your line too low, you’ll catch the lip on your head. Here’s a helpful tip for mastering the barrel: practice, practice, practice. You should also make sure to keep your eyes open when you pull in.

Remember that practice makes perfect with surfing. These fundamentals are important to know, but takes time and practice to master. Go at your own pace and continue to push yourself to be the best surfer you can be. San Diego Surf School offers classes from surf instructors who will teach you the fundamentals of surfing at your pace.