Top 8 Stand Up Paddleboard Accessories

One of the greatest things about stand up paddle boarding is the minimal amount of gear required to participate. If you decide to get a few accessories, it is guaranteed that they will make stand up paddleboarding more comfortable, safer, and much more enjoyable. Many manufacturers make each of these accessories, and we do not advocate for any specific brand. These are merely brands we are familiar with.


Since paddle boarding with a buddy is the safest (and most fun) way to go, equip your roof rack with a carrier that can easily transport two paddleboards or surfboards. The Thule SUP Taxi Carrier can be mounted easily, and without tools, to almost any roof rack. This carrier provides weatherproof padding to protect your board from bumps and scratches during transport, a maximum-security spring-loaded lock cam, and steel-reinforced webbing and is custom fit for SUPs 70-86 centimeters wide.


If you’re walking to the beach, haven’t hit the gym lately, or are less than half the height of your SUP, you may want to invest in a SUP cart. The Suspenz Double SUP Cart will tote up to two paddleboards without straps and ties and has neoprene foam arms to protect your board. Its airless tires will never go flat and will maneuver easily over all terrains, and its aluminum body will prevent rusting.


Keep your SUP out of the hands of thieves with a SUP lock. The DocksLocks Standup Paddle Boards Locking Kit has a jaw-like locking system with a steel-wire cable that attaches easily to your leash plug bar. The 4-number combination lock is stainless steel and prevents corrosion.


Your SUP is an investment. Storing it correctly in a protective cover will keep it looking and performing its best for years to come. Bags such as the Pro-Lite Session Day Bag enclose your board in 5 millimeters of foam protection. The bag features non-corrosive zippers, an external paddle pocket, a padded shoulder strap, and four handles. A closeable vent allows for air to flow around your board, and the reflective nylon exterior makes it visible in the dark.


Protect your paddle from wear and tear with a paddle sock. The Dakine SUP Paddle Sock covers the shaft of your paddle with polyester and the blade with fleece. The drawstring closure and durable materials make it easy to carry paddles up to 86 inches long. Dakine also offers a limited lifetime warranty with your purchase.


Carry your items in a water-resistant bag that attaches directly to your board. Most deck bags have a 30L capacity and measure approximately 15-by-15 inches. Choose from all kinds of colors and patterns including these awesome retro surf designs from DeckBagz that include a dry bag for your phone, keys, and wallet, a carrying strap, a small hook-on bag, and a 16-ounce, neoprene water bottle cooler.


If you plan to do yoga on your SUP or throw out a fishing line, you’re going to want to stay anchored. The Airhead SUP Anchor Kit has a lightweight grapnel anchor with a 15-foot line. It comes with a padded, webbed nylon carrying bag that attaches to your SUP with a D-ring.


Paddleboarding at night is a fascinating experience. All is quiet, and the stars seem like yours alone. But don’t count on the light of the moon being bright enough to keep you safe. You will need a light such as the Surfstow SUPGLO Stand-Up Paddleboard Underwater Lighting System, Single Light. This waterproof LED light attaches by suction to the base of your board. The light will help others to see you and provide you with a fantastic view of the underwater world. The light is corrosion-proof and will float should it come unattached.

Now that you’re decked out in SUP accessories get out there and go for it! Visit us at San Diego Surf School for more details on surfing and stand up paddleboarding.