5 Tips for the surfer girl


The lineup may be dominated by males, but don’t let that scare you away from surfing! There are more and more females getting out into the water and there’s no age limit.  Although it can be a bit intimidating, don’t be afraid to grab a board and paddle out. You may actually be surprised at how many other females are already out there. It’s also a great place to meet other surf sisters and paddle out together!  The WSL-World Surfing League organizes the annual tour of surf competitions and that includes the top male and female surfers in the world.  This includes the Championship Tour, put on by the WSL for the top 17 female surfers. Known surfers like Caroline Marks, Johanne Defay and Stephanie Gilmore didn’t get to where they were by giving the waves to the guys so get out there, grab a friend, and start showing those guys that girls can surf too! And here’s a few tips to get you out in the line up…


Take care of your hair. Condition, condition, condition! Use leave in conditioner before surfing and shampoo and condition after surfing.  The salt water combined with the sun strips and dries your hair so take good care of it so it stays healthy looking and shiny!


Take care of your skin. Along with your hair, the salt water and sun also dries up your skin so before surfing remember to throw on some sunscreen (make sure it’s reef friendly) and after hopping out, throw on some moisturizer to keep your skin soft and minimize wrinkles!


Don’t bother getting your nails done.  It will last one, maybe two surf sessions, if that.  The salt water does a great job at tearing apart both regular nail polish as well as gel, so save your money for the special occasions when you need to look nice, not when you’re about to surf.


Not all swimsuits work for surfing.  Although some are super cute, tops with ties in the front or bikinis that may fall off easily are going to be uncomfortable and difficult in the water.  The last thing you want to deal with while surfing is losing your bathing suit during a wipeout!


Stand your ground! Being the minority gender in the water you may receive a few dirty looks or comments and some may not know how to interact with women in the water in the water but whatever it might be, don’t let anyone talk you out of surfing.  You deserve to be on that wave just as much as the next guy so head out, paddle for that wave and surf your heart out!

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