What You Should Know About Adaptive Surfing: Surfing For Disabled People

For those with disabilities, doing what they love shouldn’t be an impossibility. If you have a disability and are interested in surfing, then you may ask yourself “How do I even get to the water? Is it possible?” Yes! Adaptive Surfing: Surfing for physically challenged people enables individuals with physical disabilities to catch waves and enjoy all surfing has to offer.


According to Disabled Sports USA, there are public beaches all over the United States that can provide individuals with a beach wheelchair. A beach wheelchair has larger tires, which will make it easier to move in the sand. You can contact your local beach to see if beach wheelchairs are provided. There is also equipment designed for adaptive surfing and many places that offer adaptive surfing lessons. If surfing is your dream but you have been unable to because of your disability, then technology has finally allowed you this opportunity.

Adaptive surfing is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. There are many adaptive surfing competitions, such as AccesSurf’s Annual Adaptive Surf Competition and the Stance ISA World Adaptive Surf Championship.

Adaptive Surfing is a great recreational activity for those with disabilities. Jesse Billauer, founder of the United States organization Life Rolls On, was involved in a surfing accident when he was 17, which left him physically challenged. When discussing adaptive surfing, Billauer stated “It makes you feel weightless… A lot of people in wheelchairs don’t get that sensation. By being able to get out into the ocean, they have that freedom and independence they might have lost.” Adaptive surfing may be just the escape you are looking for.