Intermediate Surfing – San Diego, California

As an intermediate surfer, you’re probably looking for more ways to improve the way you surf. In San Diego, there are many opportunities to challenge yourself and improve your skills and technique to move from an intermediate to advanced surfer. Here are five tips from Surf Science to help you become a better surfer.


Take surf lessons to improve your surfing and feel more comfortable in the water. With lessons, beginners can quickly learn some surfing fundamentals that surfers usually learn through experience and time. Lessons help both intermediate and beginning surfers avoid mistakes that you might not have thought about. Taking lessons will help you quicken your surf progression and become better faster. 


With any sport, you should challenge yourself. You shouldn’t allow yourself to feel too comfortable because if you stay in your comfort zone, you won;t make progress. If you master 2-3 feet of beach break, then you can move on and take on 5-6 feet. Over time, you will see how your instincts and muscle memory will take over and allow you to make key maneuvers in the waves. 


In surfing, you will have to adjust to your surroundings. This is why you should travel around to beaches best for surfing and with different conditions. This will show you how much you can improve your surfing in different conditions and how quickly you can adjust and react to unexpected shifts in waves. You might come across fast and steep waves, which is a great learning experience. To be safe, you can paddle out with a partner who is more experienced in surfing.


Not only will a surf trip show you a different way of life, it will drastically improve your surfing. As an intermediate or beginning surfer, you might be surfing only on the weekends, but on a surf trip you can surf several days in a row. Try to choose days with good conditions because you will be able to work on your mechanics, catch many waves, and improve your surfing style. When you return home from your trip, you’ll feel like a different surfer. 


Even pro athletes have professional instruction. Hiring a coach will give you the opportunity to hear helpful tips from someone who has experience surfing and has a lot of surf knowledge. Hearing pointers and having your coach critique your style while watching your session will help you improve and understand the surf mistakes you make. A coach will also help you maximize your time away from home and encourage you to head to breaks for your surfing ability. 

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