With the holidays approaching, many of us are looking for the perfect gift for all the people in our lives. And sometimes surfers are not the easiest to shop for. While there are a ton of  department stores to pick presents from, it’s difficult to find refined surf products unless you check out surf shops. Luckily, there are a lot of these stores in San Diego to choose from to help you find the perfect gift. Also, a lot of the stores are small businesses. So, you can support your local stores while finding a great gift. 


Sun Diego 

Sun Diego is a small business but has expanded its store to multiple locations around San Diego. This makes it easy so you can choose the store that is closest to you. The shops that are located closest to the Surf School Mission Beach, Missions Valley, and La Jolla. Many of the employees at these shops are also immersed in the surf lifestyle. 

Bird Rock Surf Shop

This shop is located in La Jolla and is very close to the beach. It’s a small business and a lot of the staff are local surfers.

South Coast 

South Coast is another small business with multiple locations. There is one in Pacific Beach and two in Ocean Beach. And one of the shops in Ocean Beach sells primarily discounted items. Again, you can find many of these employees in the water when they are not working.  


While Ripcurl is not a small business, it still has a lot to offer. While they have many locations the main two are located in Pacific Beach and Morea. The shop in Morea is an outlet so you can find slightly cheaper items. 

Clairemont Surf Shop 

This shop is located in Clairmont, if that wasn’t clear from the name. It is a family owned, small business. You can find a lot of local surfers working here. They also have good sales going on most of the year. 

Hanger 94

This store is located in Grossmont so it’s slightly more convenient for the folks who live a little more East. It’s another small business. A lot of the workers know a lot about surfing, skating and snowboarding. And you can find items for all those sports here. They also have a large selection of surfboards. 

These shops are located all around San Diego so you can pick one that is most convenient to you. If you get there and are overwhelmed by the surf product options, most of the staff at these stores are surfers and can help you figure out what kinds of presents to pick. But if you want to be really prepared walking into one of these shops, you can check out some of our other blogs here and here. These have lots of suggestions on what your surfer might need this season. Either way, you’ll be able to find a thoughtful gift at these shops that any surfer would appreciate.