Surfer’s Holiday Gift Guide

While surfing seems like it requires hardly anything else than a surfboard and ocean-access, that doesn’t leave you entirely out of gift options for the surfer in your life. Here are a few of the best (and affordable) holiday gifts surfers will love:

South Coast Surf Shop Gift Ideas

We teamed up with our good friends at South Coast Surf Shops to show you some of the best gift ideas in surf wear. Whether you are shopping for a man, woman, little boy or girl, they’ve got what you are looking for (or even what you didn’t realize you were looking for).

Wetsuit Glue  

It is nearing winter, and the water is pretty chilly. An old and leaking wetsuit can get uncomfortable fast during this season. McNett Wetsuit Cement is ideal for patching up a favorite suit so that the surfer in your life can comfortably get back into the water as soon as possible.

Surfboard Tie Down Straps

surfboard on car

Quality tie-down straps are key for surfers. These are one of those items that often skip notice but make a big difference, especially for surfers who usually go out with friends and need to secure their boards to the vehicles.

Hangair Wetsuit Dryer

Wetsuits don’t dry fast. This high-tech, surfer-designed dryer quickly dries a wetsuit to eliminate bad odors and messy drips. The Hangair unit also works great during the rainy season for drying wet surfing gear.

View From a Blue Moon DVD

For those days when your surfer friend or significant other can’t get out, this film is the ideal past time. View From a Blue Moon is one of the best surfing films to come out in recent years.


SLS10 by Epic KayaksRhys Phillips, Office Assistant Manager

For those who are intrigued by all things surfing, the newly developed SLS10 by Epic Kayaks is an excellent craft that can punch through waves and ride them as well. The SLS10 was designed by Greg Barton, a four-time Olympic medalist (two golds and two bronze), and Clint Robinson, a 16-time Surf Life Saving Champion. This spec ski has a billed nose called the lifter, which allows the paddler to keep their speed up when getting out through the surf and reduces that amount of water that hits the paddler. The foot-well of the boat has an easily adjustable foot-brace and rudder pedals that can accommodate paddlers between five feet and six feet and five inches as well as provide the necessary handily when riding waves and paddle out through them. It is made of a strong and durable composite that is composed of carbon, Kevlar, and fiberglass. The dimensions of this outstanding craft are 19 feet long, 18.9 inches wide, a depth of 15.4 inches; and it can hold one person at a capacity of 310 pounds while the boat itself only weighs 39.6 pounds.

Flashbomb 3/2 Zip Free WetsuitJason Britzner, Office/Beach Managerwetsuit

Personally, here as a surfer in San Diego, I love the 3/2mm Rip Curl FlashBomb. When the waters cool down, you need a nice durable wetsuit that won’t restrict your paddling while keeping you warm. The e5 flash lining on the legs and chest keep you warmer than just neoprene, and you don’t need to get a 4/3 to withstand those chilly mornings and mid-winter sessions. The flash lining is also extremely fast-drying which means you’ll be putting on a damp wetsuit less!

Other advantages of the Flashbomb are the durable flash lining tape over the seams to lock out the water and keep you warmer longer, as well as the liquid mesh panels in the armpit region for a superior stretch. With the Flashbombs stitching glued and bound, as well as the stress points taped, this wetsuit has the potential to last you a couple of good seasons as long as you treat it right.

It comes as a zip-free suit, which adds comfort and reduces unnecessary parts, not to mention less repair work from the zipper breaking while trying to suit up for a session. All in all, this is one of my top wetsuit picks for San Diego, especially if you’re only looking to get one wetsuit that works year round.
Blenders Beachcat Sunglasses
Andy Drum, Operations Manager

Blenders are great for both kids and adults. At a starting price of $25, these are a great alternative to your $100 glasses when going to the beach.Sticky Bump’s Essentials Kit
Tyler Thomas, Front Office ManagerDon’t you hate it when you see that perfect wave cresting out on the horizon, and you turn your board towards the beach and paddle with everything you got, just to catch it and then slip off the slick top of your board? Well if you’ve never experienced that, it’s probably because you’ve thrown some Sticky Bumps surf wax on your board, making sure you always got grip. No matter if you’re riding a Wavestorm or an Al Merrick, wax is an essential part of your board, which is why I would recommend buying Sticky Bump’s “Essentials Kit” for a friend in need.

This kit is a great starter pack for all your wax-related needs. Included in the kit is your choice of the bars of wax and a wax comb to make sure you get the perfect application on your board. It also includes an awesome case that has clutch pockets to keep all those little things like your fin key and maybe, even a small fin. So when you’re wondering what to get your buddy, don’t let them look like a kook falling off their board any longer, and get them some Sticky Bumps. UE Portable SpeakersTanner Dibble, Office Assistant Manager
These speakers are portable, water resistant, and sound bigger than they are. They come in three different sizes and range from 10-20 hours of battery life. They all feature Bluetooth connectivity and also allow you to connect other speakers for surround sound. These are sure to make an excellent gift for any surfer.

Still out of ideas? Maybe a surf school gift card?