Our Ocean Beach Location is Officially Open!

Today is the day, our Ocean beach location is officially open! There are a ton of fun things to do in OB which is why we are so excited for the reopening. And while you can easily find fun and popular things to do there, sometimes it’s a little harder to find out about the local gems. Ocean Beach is known for its arts and quirky vibes. If you are just checking out the popular stuff to do (which you can find on our other blog here) you will still definitely pick up on its uniqueness. But if you want to fully immerse yourself in the experience that is OB we’ve got you here. The Ocean Beach team at San Diego Surf School has spent a lot of time in this cool town. During this time we have found some pretty cool spots that fully encompass the OB experience.  


Obviously we love the surf. This isn’t really a secret spot and is actually pretty popular but it’s still worth mentioning. There are four places to surf in OB: The Jetty, Avalanche, the Pier, and Sunset Cliffs. The cool thing about the surf here is that it offers a variety of different waves in a small space. Ocean Beach is not a very big town and if you’re standing on the beach you can spot the first three surf spots. If one was feeling super energetic you could paddle from The Jetty to Avalanche and then to The Pier. Not that it is a common or easiest thing to do, but it can be done and is probably the easiest to do in Ocean Beach. Sunset Cliffs are a little further down the coast but this spot offers a softer wave and amazing views. Whatever surf spots you choose are all amazing and which is why Ocean Beach is one of our favorite spots to surf. 

Wonderland Cauliflower Tacos 

Once we’re done with surfing there are a ton of places to go for a post-surf snack. We have our favorites though. Wonderland is convenient and has really good food. It is a beachfront restaurant and overlooks the south beach of OB. So it’s an amazing place to stop by after surfing The Pier because it’s just a walk across the street. While there are a lot of snack options here, our favorite is their cauliflower tacos. These are a perfect snack because they aren’t too big so you can grab a few and are good to go. 

Don Tommy’s 

Don Tommy’s is another place that has amazing food. It is a Mexican food restaurant that has the best tortillas that we have ever tasted. While it’s not on the beach like Wonderland it’s about a 5-minute drive east. And the trip is worth it. Everyone from the Surf School that has tried out this place loves it. And everything we have tried there has been fantastic as well.  


Phatties is right next to Don Tommy’s so if you want dessert you can just walk 15 feet. It is a vegan bakery and has the best pastries of any other bakery I’ve tried (both vegan and non-vegan). It is a super cute shop, decorated in pink with old photos, and has a lot of different things to try because they mix up their menu regularly. 

Pizza Port 

Of course pizza is always a good after-surf snack. There are tons of pizza places to try pretty much anywhere you go. But in OB Pizza Port has our heart. This restaurant is located right next to our shop. It’s a cool vibe with indoor and outdoor seating where you can enjoy the pretty perfect pizza after a surf lesson. 

The Holding Company

While The Holding Company isn’t an unknown spot, they offer a ton of fun things to do on a daily basis. And we’ve gone to a variety of these events so we can tell you firsthand that it’s not something to miss. THC has regular music shows with both local and more popular artists. They have brunch which has never been a letdown. And the venue is very cool with up and downstairs decorated with the OB vibe in mind. 

The Template 

If there is anything on this list that screams OB it’s The Template. This is a kind of communal coffee shop with artsy and hippie vibes. The cafe is decorated in very unique art and furniture where you can hang out and enjoy one of the many events. Every day the template hosts interesting shows, socials, and workshops that anyone is welcome to join. So you can learn a lot of random things or meet a lot of interesting people. This place is definitely one to check out and the coffee is also very good. 

The Tide Pools 

The tidepools are located just south of the pier. When the low tide comes in these pools are a very fun way to enjoy the sea life. Like all tide pools, you can observe a lot of cool animals and habitats. 

Dog Beach 

Again this is really a secret spot, it’s pretty popular but we love the dog beach so it had to be included. So many of us at SDSS have pups and this is our go-to spot. This beach has a ton of space so it’s far away from a parking lot or any cars so you can let your dog off-leash without being stressed. Since it is so big there are a lot of places for your dog to go. There’s the beach break and there is also a channel that leads to the bay where people set up and let their dogs wade in those calmer waters. This place is perfect because you can set up your stuff so both you and your dog get a beach day.