Surf Mistakes To Avoid

As surfers, we all make mistakes. Even advanced surfers make mistakes sometimes. Although a mistake is an opportunity to learn, some of them can be avoided. Here are three mistakes and helpful tips on how to avoid them.


Even advanced surfers make mistakes sometimes. Some advanced surfers struggle with the challenge of surfing their best on a daily basis. A good tip for those times that you feel like you’re not on top of your surfing game is to focus on the mental aspect of surfing by thinking at your top performance and creating objectives for yourself based on that performance. Think positive, and take those times that you make mistakes as a learning experience. Don’t dwell on your mistakes because that will hinder your surf performance. Mental training is equally important as training your body.  


Some surfers become comfortable with performing the same moves that they’ve perfected. These surfers become resistant to trying new things because they don’t want to make mistakes. It is encouraged for surfers to embrace their mistakes and treat them as a chance for improvement. Without failing, you don’t get the chance to learn. Try to push yourself to hone different skills and increase in levels of surfing. A tip to take is to continuously challenge yourself in surfing.


Some surfers have the tendency to charge through waves. Some try to fight skillful maneuvers through uncooperative waves, which results in poor performance. You should treat your Monday through Friday surf sessions as a time to take good waves, ride the wave well from top to bottom, and finish the wave with successful maneuver.

You can also prevent these mistakes from happening by attending a surf school. San Diego Surf School offers both private and group surf lessons for those looking to learn and sharpen surf skills.