Surf. Yoga. Meditate.

Yoga and surfing is an ancient practice, as they both work together to help surfers clear their mind and develop a stronger body. So, how does the meditative sport, yoga, help the action filled sport, surfing? It offers a lot! 


To achieve the goals that surfers make for themselves in the water, they need deep focus and optimum fitness. For example, surfers who tackle big waves require mental skills to overcome fear, as well as having fast physical responses. Yoga can help these big wave surfers develop a routine where they focus on confidence, balance, energy, endurance, vitality, flexibility, longevity, and performance.

Yoga also helps build strength in key areas for surfers, such as legs, back and wrists. This minimizes the risk of injury and improves recovery time after a surf session. However, yoga doesn’t only benefit surfers. Surfing benefits those involved in yoga. This is because riding a wave is a highly spiritual experience for most, which is equal to the yoga meditation practices.

 Before going in the water, you can practice some yoga moves at home. The deep connection between yoga and surfing will help you perform better in the water. Here are a few poses for surfers to do at home before heading to the water:


The Padmasana, or “Lotus Pose” – This is mostly a meditation pose. This is a sitting pose with legs crossed one over the other and each foot on the opposite thigh. This requires constant practice to do it comfortably, but once you achieve this pose, it calms the mind and stretches the ankles and knees.

The Utthita Parsvakonasana, or “Extended Side Angle Pose” – This pose is a stretch along the top side of the body, from the back heel through the raised arm. It opens the hip joints, stretches the groin and releases the shoulders and neck.

The “Sphinx Pose” – This pose relieves stress, provides energy and makes the spine flexible. It resembles a sphinx, hence the name, as the practitioner lies on the floor on his belly and faces ahead, supported on parallel forearms.

For more poses before you hit the water, visit this article from SurferToday: