Summer Surf Camps

Quality, quality, quality. San Diego Surf School Summer Surf Camps have been in existence since 2000, offering professional, safe, and quality surf instruction for participants age 5 and up. Unique to SDSS Summer Surf Camps is the specialized and custom instruction for each student characterized by the ONLY summer surf school offering a 3:1 instructor to student ratio, and in some cases 2:1. SDSS Summer Surf Camp is for all levels and abilities. The program has been designed by some of the best competitive local surfers, teaching not only the fundamentals of surfing, but also health, nutrition, water safety, surfing etiquette, ocean conditions, and lifelong learning. The program is taught by experienced coaches–many with backgrounds in early childhood development and/or public safety (e.g. lifeguards, EMTs, paramedics) ensuring a program filled with fun, but safety first. The SDSS Summer Surf Camp series welcomes previous participants, advanced surfers, and beginners. The program is specifically developed by Certified Athletic Trainers and state-level, first-place competitive surfers to call for progression of each individual surfer. The first day of the Summer Surf Camp series includes an evaluation and specific goals for each surfer to attain during the week. Whether it is airs, or simply riding waves, surf coaches are ready and dialed in to make this camp experience the most incredible.