The Ultimate Gift Guide for Surfing Dads

If you’re feeling stuck about what to get your surfing dad for Father’s Day, we made a list of great gifts your surfing dad will use. Take a look at the list below!


Grab your dad a classic surf t-shirt that he can wear on his way to a surf session, around the house, or even while running an errand. This will probably be his favorite t-shirt just because it came from you. You can find this gift from the company Last Wave.


A thoughtful way to deliver this gift to your dad is to record an “I love you dad” video for your dad to watch when he opens it. If he already has a GoPro for his surf sessions, then you can buy the GoPro Bobber, which is a floating accessory that serves both as a hand grip and a flotation device that will float the camera if dropped in the water.


Your dad can use this handy gift for a place to store his drinks and food. When he finally takes a break from surfing, he can grab a snack and sit on multi-function beach gear to relax. Bohnman Good Times Folding Cooler Chair sells this handy gift that your dad will love.


Buy your dad a surf classic, like Big Wednesday, where the main characters wait for “Big Wednesday,” the day when the greatest, cleanest, most mystical wave of all will come. This is a gift your dad can sit back and enjoy on his day.


This will be an awesome gift that your surfing dad will use constantly. Sometimes it’s hard to thoroughly rinse a wetsuit, and letting salt collect in crevices will ruin the neoprene. Wetsuit shampoo will help your dad get those spots that he might miss sometimes when he washes his wetsuit.


This might cost you a pretty penny, so make sure to save up your money to buy your dad this nice gift. A summer suit that your dad would like would probably be one that is sleeveless and/or has shorts as the legs, known as the short john wetsuit.


This is a gift that comes from the heart. Award your dad with a whole selfish day of surfing all by himself. Something that a surf dad would want most for Father’s Day is to do nothing but surf. He’ll enjoy the gift the most because he will have whole day dedicated to his passion. 

 Award your dad with best dad if the year by giving him a surf session from San Diego Surf School. He’ll get to surf with professionals, share his skills, and learn from the trainers. We also have a yoga retreat package that your dad would greatly appreciate. Give him the gift of surfing, meditating and enjoying massages.