5 Things to Know Before You Learn How to Surf

You’ll do plenty of cool things in your life, but learning how to surf will be a moment that hangs around the top of that list.

Thankfully, you’ve already made the right move and secured a lesson for yourself. Surf lessons will allow you the chance to learn from an experienced surfer; they’ll show you what it takes to be successful on your board.

During your first lesson, there is bound to be nervous energy in the air. This is entirely normal, and our staff is prepared to help you overcome those nerves and show you why these lessons were such a great purchase!

With all of that being said, we’d like you to keep a few key things in mind.


As you learn to surf and learn more about the practice of surfing, don’t be in a hurry. The lessons you’re going to be taught in the beginning will stick with you no matter how far you take this.

First-timers, professionals, and everyone in between are all trying to do the same thing: find a good wave and ride it for as long as they can. Learning to surf requires you to perform the basic techniques, and continuing to surf requires you to keep building on those same techniques.


While it may seem silly to point this out, it cannot be overstated how much swimming you’re going to be doing. There is no wave to catch if you don’t swim out to the place to catch it.

Our instructors are going are going to spend significant time showing you how to start surfing while on land, but applying those lessons will demand you swim against the current and find your wave.


Come to your lesson excited to surf and prepared to fall a few times.

If you expect the falls before you arrive, they’re going to hurt a little less when they happen. The students learning to surf who don’t think they’re going to fall are always in for a rude awakening.

Be confident in yourself and have fun as you learn how to surf, but come in humble enough to realize this is a new skill and you are bound to fail while you seek out success.


Surfing requires good mobility and the use of muscles you don’t always activate in everyday life. As discussed in the previous point, it likely involves more falling than you experience in your daily life as well.

For the day or two following your first surf lesson, your body will be stiff. To help combat this feeling, it is a good idea to spend time stretching each day.

Your body will thank you for this!


You will only ever have one “first day” for surfing. This is a life event, an exciting one, and we’re thrilled that you’ve decided to ask our school to be a part of your first day.

That being said, soak up every minute of it. Ask our staff every question you have, immerse yourself in the experience, and enjoy learning how to find your wave.

We’re here to enable your success. Learning how to surf is fun, and we’ve chosen to make a living teaching surfing that’s fun and approachable. We hope you’ll enjoy the sport with the 23 million other surfers worldwide with our help!