Surfing for Happiness and Empowerment

Anyone who lives near a salty body of water knows them: the ocean-worshipping, happy-go-lucky souls, whose surfboards seem to be attached to them. It’s no secret why they’re usually physically fit; maintaining balance on a surfboard as you ride the waves and glide across the currents is clearly a great workout. But what about the typical “surfer” attitude? Why is it they seem to be happier, and perhaps just a bit more self-confident than the rest of us?


As it turns out, surfing is more than just a great workout for your body. It also appears to be a great workout for your mind and soul. In fact, a 2010 study conducted by the California State University determined people described as angry, depressed, or stressed, became calmer, more relaxed, and happier after spending a few weeks in a surfing program. It was also found that folks who surf regularly, making it a part of their lifestyle, feel the deeper sense of tranquility that stems from engaging with nature.


Even better, along with the sense of inner peace comes a feeling of empowerment. Naturally, when you work your muscles to the extent you feel stronger and more in control of your body, along with many other emotions comes self-confidence. One of the reasons children are encouraged to participate in gym class, after school sports, and other physical activities is to give them a sense of physical empowerment, and thereby increase their level of confidence.

Physical empowerment comes when you realize your body is more than just something to be judged, loved, or disliked; your powerful arms and legs now serve a purpose! You realize your body, regardless of how you see it, is something of value. And of course, empowerment of the body transfers to empowerment of the mind. Realizing you can do something not everyone can do, and you can do it well, boosts confidence and encourages you to try new things. Rather than shying away from new people and situations, a sense of empowerment can provide you with the spirit to move forward.

Empowerment is a gift you can give to yourself and to your loved ones, and surfing is an excellent way to develop it. Join us and experience the excitement, serenity, and joy of surfing.