How about a STAYCATION?

There is so much to love about San Diego! I mean, where else can I get off a plane after traveling to beautiful places around the world to be greeted with warm sunny 70 degree weather and the cool ocean breeze? Not to mention, there are too many places on my “bucket list” in San Diego to hit up as the latest eatery, casually sleek hotel with feather pillows for days, along with hidden beaches and gems! If you drive ten minutes in any direction you are met with a new popping community with craft beers, adorable coffee shops, fair trade retail, and a personal favorite – clothing boutiques!

But it’s not all shopping and eating. Check out some of these favorites:

All of these mini adventures will have just about anyone enjoying the groove of a San Diego Staycation. So in those moments of need for a quick getaway, down time, relaxation, whatever it may, San Diego is the STAYCATION place to stay!