7 Rad Moms in Surfing: A Tribute to Mother’s Day

Have you taken the time to thank your mom for supporting your love of surfing? As a tribute for Mother’s Day, here are 7 of the raddest moms in surfing. 


This rad mom was able to achieve winning four World Titles in surfing all while juggling a daughter. What makes her even better is the fact that she didn’t win her first title until after she gave birth to her daughter, Erica. She’s a rad mom who is recognized by the surf world as the ultimate game changer and also the first face of Roxy.


Mother to a son, Keala has achieved many surf victories and became pro by the age of 17. After turning 17, she was the ASP world title contender for years. She’s best known for her performance at the Teahupo’o. Her achievements go on, as she became the first women to tow-in surf in 2005, she won the Billabong XXL Girls Performance Award in 2011 to 2013, and today she continues to embark on surfing achievements as she catches swells around the world.


Have you heard of John John Florence? He’s a young surfer who has already had many surf achievements and has become pro. Alex Florence is his mother, and is the ultimate surf mom.  She moved from Jersey to Hawaii in the 80s where she raised her three boys. All three boys quickly took up surfing, and this mom doesn’t just sit back to watch her sons surf, she joins them on the waves.


After the birth of her two daughters, Marge Calhoun began began surfing. This was in the mid 1950s. Along with her two daughters, Candy and Robin, the three were recognized for both skill and athletic beauty.


This surf mom operates Faith Surf School in Waikiki with her husband Tony Moniz. They both have five children together who all surf competitively and appear in surf magazines around the world. Her life is truly centered around surfing.


Known as the First Family of Surfing, Juliette Paskowitz is the matriarch of the Paskowitz family. For about 25 years, the Paskowitz family lived out of a van as they chased surf up and down the coast. This family focused on a healthy lifestyle and surfing.


Thank your mom on mother’s day (or any chance you get) for being supportive of your surf lifestyle. Say thanks to your mom for everything over the years and keeping you stoked for surfing! 

Enjoy surfing with your mom this mothers day!