What to expect in San Diego Surf Lessons: Winter Edition

While other places in the US are bundled up and inside because of colder weather and snow, here in San Diego we are surfing our way through the winter. While the water is colder than the summer time, it has not stopped us from paddling out. As many San Diego surfers know, there are many ways to stay warm in the water during the winter months. If however, you are new to the sport or looking to learn, do not let the winter water scare you. Here at the surf school, we teach San Diego surf lessons all year round. So if you’re looking to learn but are a little wary because of the season, here are things to expect in the middle of winter so you can come prepared to shred. 

Water Temp

San Diego is known for its warm weather and mild air temperatures all year round. So some people expect that the water temperatures will follow suit. And while we don’t have to deal with unbearably cold waves, in the winter the water can get a little chilly. 

Bigger Waves

While this is not always the case every day, waves are more likely to pick up in the winter. While this is not to say that everyday is going to be huge, some days may be bigger than expected. If you are looking for a specific wave height to surf, check out the surf report before you book so you can pick a day that is perfect for you. 


To deal with the cold water surfers have wetsuits so they can paddle out all year long. For your San Diego surf lesson with us, we provide you with wetsuits so you can face the cold water with confidence. 


Along with a wetsuit, a surfboard is included in the San Diego surf lesson, so all you have to worry about bringing is yourself and your swimsuit!


With your lesson, you will be assigned a surf instructor. Our instructors are passionate about the sport and love teaching San Diego surf lessons.They will provide you with on land instruction and in water training. 


On land and in the water, your instructor will give you tips and tricks throughout the San Diego surf lesson. These tips are tailored to your specific needs so you can progress and improve your skills.


It’s all about repetition. Throughout the San Diego surf lesson you will practice what your surf instructor has taught you. And with a little patience and perseverance, you can see yourself gradually improve throughout the lesson.

Wipe Outs 

Wipe outs are a part of surfing. So expect to fall…a lot. One of the things we love about surfing though is that when you fall, you fall in water. 


San Diego surf lessons in the winter are a little bit of a different experience than if you paddle out in the middle of July. But we love the winter waves in San Diego even though it can get a little chilly. If you’re thinking about learning how to surf, the winter may be the perfect time for you!