Benefits of Group Activity for Children

Keeping children active is a good way for them to stay in shape, but it’s also a good way for them to learn. Children stay entertained in group activity while they learn new skills. There are many group activities in San Diego, including surfing that will allow children to learn while having fun.

In these made up scenarios, let’s take a walk in a child’s shoes through a group activity.


Surf instructor: let’s get ready to take our boards to the sand to practice to paddling techniques.

In this activity where children lay their boards on the sand to practice paddling techniques for the water, each child will learn in a group that teamwork will not only help your team achieve positive and beneficial results as they work together, but it is also a valuable skill in life to know how to work in a team and appreciate working in a team.

As children grow, they can take this valuable lesson to the workplace, and learn that working in a team is an enjoyable process that involves problem solving and getting to a mutual goal. Some children shine when they work in a team because they like to take on the leadership role.


Parent: How was your surf lesson today?

Child: Wow, I’ve learned so much! I even made a few new friends and they even taught me some of their surfing tricks and techniques. It was so talking about surfing with my instructor and new friends.

Children often learn social skills when working with a group of people. Children learn how to use speech and when to use it when they want or need. For example, in group surf lessons, children learn how to communicate with the instructor when they are unsure of something or excited about something they want to show the instructor and other friends in the group lesson.

In group lessons, children also learn how to share the waves with other surfers as every member in the group learns how to surf. Compromise is also something learned in surfing because sometimes more seasoned surfers get dibs on good waves over beginners.


Child 1: Hey, that’s so cool how you stand up on your board. I’ve been having a hard time getting up on my board. How do you do that so easily?

Child 2: Thanks! I learned from the instructor that standing up on the board is like a quick push-up. I just act like i’m about to do a push-up and then quickly stand up and I try my best to keep my balance by keeping my knees bent. Here I’ll show you how!

Learning in a group is great because kids can share things they’ve learned together, which means that more knowledge is being used. Sometimes, children learn additional information from other peers even though there is a teacher or instructor around.