Best Surf Wax

At San Diego Surf School, we get asked all the time what the best surf wax to buy is. Our answer is usually “it depends”, but here are our recommendations based on price and stickiness, as well as our recommendations for San Diego surfers specifically. 

Sex Wax: ~$2

Stickiness: 8/10

Starting it out with a classic, and the majority of surfers go-to bar of wax. Originating in Carpinteria CA, it is definitely a staple here in San Diego and So-Cal more generally. Sex Wax makes nice tacky bumps and comes in a range of temperatures, from extra cold to tropical. In San Diego, we recommend the purple boxed cold wax in the winter, and the green boxed cool to mid-warm wax in the late spring through early fall. 

Sticky Bumps: ~$2

Stickiness: 7/10

Another surf wax staple and favorite for many surfers (Runner-up in popularity only to Sex Wax). Another solid option with good stick and full range of temps to choose from. We find it to be slightly less sticky than Sex Wax, but if it’s what your local surf shop sells, it’s nothing to be disappointed about. 

Fu Wax: ~$5

Stickiness: 10/10

There is a reason this bar of wax is double the price of its competitors. It isn’t going to make you magically surf like a pro or stomp big airs, but the traction is unmatched and feels great under your feet through every movement. Given the higher price point, we would say it may not be necessary for the average surfer who just needs a quick wax up. But if the price doesn’t deter you, treat yourself and you may never buy a different bar of wax again. 

Mrs. Palmers: ~$3

Stickiness: 7/10

Less commonly found in San Diego than the previously mentioned wax entries, but a solid option for those who come across it. Solid traction, good bumps, and again, a nice range of temps at your disposal. 

Saba Surf Wax: ~$3

Stickiness: 9/10

Originating and hand-poured in Venice CA, this option is a brand new entrant, only a few years old, but quickly emerging as a San Diego and So-Cal favorite. Really good stick, nice bumps, and one bar for all temps. This is a great option at a reasonable price point, and if you want to venture more out of the mainstream Sex Wax/Sticky Bumps formula, Saba is a perfect choice.


Hopefully this gives you some help picking through your options at your local surf shop or wax supplier. For you San Diego surfers, remember to try out different temps in different seasons, and don’t be afraid to try some of these waxes and decide your favorite for yourself.