See Sunny SD

Just because you’ve never been to California, doesn’t mean you haven’t heard of San Diego. You have, and with good reason. San Diego is awesome! It’s not just the sandal-society and easy escape to the ocean. Is it the ‘sandals are allowed everywhere’ culture? The beautiful beaches? The incredible range and diversity of people who live there? The truth is, it’s all of that and more. San Diego is an international hotspot and popular destination for travels from overseas. 

San Diego is incredible for a plethora of reasons. Here are a few of them:

  • Torrey Pines State Reserve shows what San Diego looked like when it was first founded. It wasn’t always a bustling city filled with multiculturalism and flip-flop wearing people. With over 1,700 acres of preserved nature and diverse topography, here you can get a glimpse of why San Diego became popular in the first place. 
  • Military bases abound in San Diego. The history of the military in San Diego is undeniable and exciting to observe. The USS Midway Museum is especially fascinating and shows a stimulating series of displays about the history of one of the most prominent aircraft carriers in US history. 
  • The Gaslamp Quarter is going to take your breath away. A stunning 16 blocks of Victorian-style architecture is sure to delight your senses and is an excellent escape from the beach if you’re ever sick of it. From Mardi Gras parades to late night festivities, the Gaslamp Quarter is a beautiful and unique part of what makes San Diego awesome. 
  • The surf is what it’s all about. Are you surprised this is on the list? You shouldn’t be. San Diego is one of the most excellent areas to surf in the world. So grab a board from San Diego Surf School and find out why San Diego is fantastic for yourself. If you’re up for it, try kiteboarding and see if you can land a 50-60 foot jump!
  • Urban farming is incredibly popular in San Diego. People here love to live healthy lifestyles and eat locally grown produce. Lots that were once vacant have been turned into small farms and parks for people to enjoy. There’s nothing like repurposing space to improve on a city’s atmosphere, and San Diego is at the forefront of doing just that.
  • San Diego is a baseball city and home of the Padres! Since the weather is consistently warm and sunny, it’s always a good idea to head to Petco Park to catch a game.
  • Free wifi is abundant in San Diego. There are over 250 acres of it. Thanks to the million dollar grant from the James Irvine Foundation that funded the city’s free wifi networks.
  • The city has easy access to Mexico. The option to take a side trip to our neighbor country is there for people who love travel. A 46-lane border crossing, non-stop flights to San Felipe, and a welcoming culture to tourists are all within arm’s length when living in San Diego. 

If you take a close look at San Diego, you’re going to find something beautiful and unique around every corner. These are just a few example of what is possible to experience in a city graced with nearly eternal sunshine, never-ending parties, and a staggering diversity of food, art, music, and people.

It’s no wonder that San Diego has been experiencing above-average growth in the number of 25-34-year-olds moving to this city. It’s as attractive as they are and offers them a chance to live healthy lifestyles, meet people from all different backgrounds, and immerse themselves in a culture of fun, wisdom, and belonging.