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Group Surf Lessons

  • 90 Minute Lessons
  • 4:1 Student-To-Instructor Ratio


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Do you happen to have a group of friends who share your passion for adventure and delving into new hobbies? Do you happen to enjoy learning new skills in a group environment? Our San Diego group surf lessons are where you need to be. Grab your towel and your swimsuit and leave the rest on us.

We have the best surf instructors on board… literally and figuratively. Our instructors aren’t only professional trainers, but also professional lifeguards and CPR certified. With a 4 to 1 student-to-instructor ratio, you will be learning in a safe environment, your progress will be monitored, and you’ll get personalized advice, and progress at your own pace. For only $98 you will be ready to conquer the waves.

In the first 10 minutes, you will focus on:

  • water entry
  • water safety
  • land instruction to perfect the pop-up and stance before entering the water

The remainder of the surf lesson will be filled with personalized surf instruction and you will learn

  • Standing up
  • Paddling
  • Wave timing and placement
  • Wave selection
  • Surfboard and wetsuit education
  • Wave physics
  • Surf etiquette and safety

The last 10 minutes we’ll head back to shore to wrap up and change out of wetsuits and rashguards.

We’ve dedicated time and energy to find the best surf instructors in San Diego.  Our staff of professional lifeguard and CPR certified instructors will educate you on the proper techniques so you master the basics in your first lesson.

Semi-private lessons are somewhere between a private lesson and a group lesson. A private lesson features 1-on-1 instruction while a group lesson features a 4-to-1 instructor ratio. Semi-private lessons feature a maximum of 3-to-1 student-to-instructor ratio.

It’s remarkable the accelerated progression a proper surf lesson can give to a beginner compared to someone learning on his own. Semi-private lessons allow students to share the joy of learning to surf with a select group of friends or family while still getting personalized instruction.

  • For 10 or more surfers, please call to make arrangements.
  • Pricing includes wetsuit and surfboard during lesson.
  • (Group and semi-private lessons) must return surf boards and wetsuits after the lesson. (Rental option is available in our Website) *** Private Surf Lessons are the only lessons that can use equipments for an additional hour after lesson.

Why Group Surf Lessons Offer Unique Benefits

Cost-Efficiency & Shared Resources

Group lessons are no less beneficial than individual private lessons. You are still getting the attention and the guidance you need tailored to your performance and skills, but the cost is distributed amongst the participants. Shared resources will allow you to try different equipment to truly find your ideal surfboard. We aim to make the sport accessible to a broader audience, and these budget-friendly group lessons are making the change

Learning from Peer Observations

Instructors; as great as they can be; can only do so much… The rest of your learning experience depends on your vigor and diligence. Observing your peers is a genius way to gain a greater understanding of surfing. See, different individuals employ different techniques and make different mistakes, thus, you learn from that collective instead of just your own experience. Observing and discussing the different experiences of yourself and your team will enable each of you to enhance your skills much faster and wiser

Shared Exhilaration & Memories

You can always give yourself a pat on the back for improving your skills. But you can’t deny that hearing the cheering of your teammates as your instructor says: “Good job; you are making some late drops.” must be a greater joy. Celebrating each other’s success and encouraging one another to persevere after every fall will create solid bonds

Social Interaction & Team Spirit

Besides the fun of being around like-minded people who share your passion for surfing; camaraderie truly boosts morale and confidence. Friends support each other, motivate and encourage one another… to overcome challenges, to leap forward. Cheer each other on as your skills grow, learn from each other, and build lasting bonds

Meet Your Instructors

Cale - "Paleboy"

Bio: The platinum-haired grown-up-grom from the rocky coast of New England, Cale has been surfing since age 14 and has a passion for sharing his knowledge with surfers of any skill level. Cale enjoys skating and working on his motorcycle outside the water. In the water, Cale has a gift for making tiny waves look epic. He is a certified coach through Water Safety Specialists and the International Surfing Association.

Favourite Surfboard: 5’2 Fish

Favourite San Diego Restaurant: OB Sushi – Ocean Beach

Tate - “Brudda”

Bio: A Goofy footed waterman from NorCal, Tate developed his affinity for surfing in a Texas wave pool. Bringing his abilities on a skateboard to the water, Tate Brudda’s smooth surfing style is easy to recognize in the lineup. If he isn’t surfing, he is working on his boat or sailing through the Pacific Ocean. Tate has been coaching beginner and intermediate surf lessons for almost a decade and is certified through Water Safety Specialists.

Favourite Surfboard: 5’10 Twin-fin.

Favourite San Diego Restaurant: Turf Club – Downtown.

Ken - “The Grandmaster”

Bio: A late bloomer, Ken found his love for surfing at the age of 50, and has only gained momentum improving his skills and abilities on a longboard. Ken offers a unique, analytical perspective to his surfing lessons and Adult Surf Retreat students. Ken undoubtedly leads the charge, carrying the most surfboards to the beach for lessons and showing up before anyone for a dawn patrol surfing session every day. Ken is certified to instruct surfing lessons through Water Safety Specialists as well as the International Surfing Association.

Favourite Surfboard: 9’6 Bing Beacon.

Favourite San Diego Restaurant: His backyard – Rancho Bernardo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do group surf lessons suit all skill levels?

Absolutely; we take into account the skill level of every participant and the class carries on accordingly. We wouldn’t call it a class if we were to teach only a certain skill level now, would we? We provide a beneficial and enjoyable learning experience for all.

We provide you with the equipment needed for the lessons from surfboards to wetsuits. If you have your own gear and would like to get them to class, then feel free to do so. Our instructors will advise you whether the gear suits you or might suggest another surfboard if not

We take the safety of our students very seriously. Our instructors are all Red Cross certified in CPR, trained in ocean rescue, and first aid. Each lesson begins with safety instructions. The weather and water conditions are always monitored. And our instructors never leave the students out of their sight while in the water

We have a wide variety from longboards, to fish-style, to softboards; and only of the greatest brands. We have the INTs, Buells, Wavestorms, and many more. We suggest you check our surfboard rentals for more details about our equipment

The water temperature in San Diego goes from mild to cold based on the season. During the summer season the temperature of the water could range from 62°F to 76°F; hence, you only need a swimsuit then. But from Late October to April or early May, you most probably would need a wetsuit. Temperatures fluctuate from 55°F to 62°F.

Kindly arrive twenty minutes earlier. You need to secure a parking spot, sign your surf waiver, and be on time for our surf instructions

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