10 Reasons to Work at San Diego Surf School


The Atmosphere

Getting to work on the beach everyday makes for an enjoyable work environment. Our surf instructors are always grateful to get to work at the beach and enjoy the environment around them. This makes for a fun atmosphere where people are excited to show up to work!



Spending Time in the Water

Many of our surf instructors want to spend as much of their time in the water as possible because we love the ocean so much. Working here ensures that you get to spend your days in the ocean sharing your love for the water with others.



Getting People Stoked on Surfing

One of our favorite things to do here is get people stoked on surfing. We love sharing our knowledge and passion for surfing with others that are excited to learn. Here, we get the opportunity to teach so many people from all over the world!



The Co-workers!

The people that work at SDSS are amazing and it’s one of the many perks of working here. The Co-workers here are a tight knit community. We love spending time together and working together to teach others about surfing!



Sea Water is Good for the Soul (and Skin)

As we already said, being in the ocean is a great way to spend your time but did you know it’s also good for your body? Sea water is great for your skin so while you’re working for the surf school you can also work on your complexion!


Getting to Meet New People

Working here is especially unique because you have the opportunity to meet lots of new people. As mentioned above, people come to learn to surf from all over the world. As a surf instructor, you get to meet cool people all the time.



Its Good Exercise

Jumping up and down and pushing people into waves it’s pretty great exercise. You don’t have to hit the gym after working a day here! You’ll be able to improve your strength and endurance while also working.


Working with Kids

We are known for our surf camps here at the San Diego Surf School. This is where you’ll find kids from ages five to sixteen stoked on surfing and ready to learn or improve skills.


Embrace San Diego Culture

What better way to embrace the San Dirgo culture of sand, sun and surfing than becoming a surf instructor where you get to spend loads of time in some of the prettiest places in California. When you join the San Diego Surf School team, you get to spend time in Pacific Beach, a hub of San Dirgo and embrace the San Diego surfing culture.



It’s a Great Summer Job

Because we are so busy in the summer, this is a perfect summer job! If you are back from school and looking for work or only want a job for a few months, the surf school is perfect because we love welcoming people during the summer months!


We love working at the San Diego Surf School and are always excited to meet new members of our team. If this sounds like a job for you, reach out to our office staff by calling our number. There are so many reasons to join our team!