Beachside Accommodations in San Diego

San Diego has over 70 miles of coastline, which leaves a lot of room for beachside accommodations.  Check out our recommendations on where to stay nearby for an authentic surfside vacation experience.


A plethora of small beachside hotels and cottages dot the coast of the Pacific Beach area, giving you many options of where to stay during your visit.  Below are a few notable locations:


Crystal Pier, San Diego CA 92109

You can literally sleep over the ocean with these small, but well appointed, cottages that are built on top of Crystal Pier.  These truly unique bungalows can accommodate up to 6 guests. If you want to experience what it’s like to sleep over the crashing waves, plan ahead, this hotel rarely has vacancies and is known for booking months and even years in advance.


723 Felspar Street, San Diego, CA 92109

Tower 23 HotelThis chic, modern hotel occupies prime real estate on the Pacific Beach Boardwalk, overlooking the beach.  Located in heart of all that Pacific Beach has to offer, Tower 23 boasts its own spa as well as an award winning restaurant and bar, Jrdn — no, that’s not a typo, it’s pronounced ‘Jordan’.


3999 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA 92109

Catamaran Resort

On the border of Pacific Beach and Mission Beach, The Catamaran is a complete resort hotel with lush Polynesian-themed grounds, a spa, pool, restaurants and more.  The Catamaran is one of the few hotels that can claim bay front property and is also just steps from the Pacific Beach shoreline.  


707 Reed Avenue, San Diego, CA 92109

If you’re an international traveler looking for budget accommodations, Banana Bungalow is for you.  Housed in a bright yellow building just off the boardwalk, the Banana Bungalow has been a Pacific Beach establishment for many years.  With Free wifi, free breakfast, an ocean view and some of the best people watching around, the Banana Bungalow is a great place to meet fellow travelers and enjoy beachside living.


707 Pacific Beach Dr, San Diego, CA 92109

This hotel is right on the sand and will make any beach lover excited to stay in this here. Located in Pacific Beach, Blue Sea Beach Hotel offers a stunning view of the beach with 120 guest rooms and six spacious suites with private and upgraded amenities. It landed itself a spot on TripAdvisor’s 2015 Hall of Fame. Guests have easy access to the Strand, a famous beach in San Diego where visitors can go surfing and soak up the sun.


610 Diamond St, San Diego, CA 92109


Trip Advisor gives this gorgeous beachfront hotel 4 ½ stars. Located in San Diego’s Pacific Beach, this hotel overlooks the beach giving an amazing view of the California coast. Pacific Terrace Hotel offers outstanding accommodations to guests. Visitors also get the privilege of having fun with outdoor activities on the beach. You can enjoy the view of the beach from your balcony chair while sipping on your favorite drink, or step right outside of the hotel for surfing, sailing, fishing and cycling. This customer had a great time at Pacific Terrace Hotel!


610 Emerald St, San Diego, CA 92109

This beachfront and Pacific Beach location is on the boardwalk where guests can step out of the hotel and be on the beach. Located on Emerald Street, guests can get a surf lesson, cycle on the boardwalk and watch the dolphins. Pacific  View Inn offers deals and discounts so you can stay in a hotel on the beach at reasonable price.


Hotels and hostels aren’t the only way to stay near the coast.  There are many vacation rentals in the Pacific Beach areas.  Try booking sites like and to find an apartment or home to rent an experience life in a beachside community.