From Street to Snow to Surf

When learning to surf a lot of people wonder if any of their previous skills will transfer over to make their learning experience easier. While it is always a little bit of a challenge, to learn a new skill, there are some other hobbies that can help make learning to surf a little more natural. There are some activities that help you develop skills and these skills are also able to help you become a better surfer. If you’re thinking about taking up surfing or improving upon your surfing skill, these different activities may help you in developing skills that help in your surfing. 


Balance is key when surfing, and skateboarding is a great way to practice. It’s usually easier to figure out if you are regular or goofy footed as well because whichever way you stand on a skateboard normally transfers to surfing too! Turning left and right on a skateboard is also similar to turning in surfing so it may be easier to learn to surf down the lineup if you can turn on a skateboard. 


Similarly, snowboarding is a great way to practice your balance. Your stance in snowboarding can help you because it is a similar stance in surfing. This is an upright pose with your chest up but your knees bent. In both surfing and snowboarding this stance will help you stay standing up rather than falling face first. Your footing is also telling in which way you will stand on a surfboard and will make it easier to decide if you’re goofy footed or regular. 

Wake boarding

Wake boarding is another sport that will have similar positive effects that transfer to surfing. It will help you figure out your stance and help with improving your balance. In addition to this, it is a great way to become more comfortable in the water. The outside of the wake where the water breaks also mimics a wave so you can start to get the feeling of riding bigger breaks in the ocean. 


Swimming is an amazing way to get more comfortable in the water and is also great exercise. It will help you get in shape for surfing because it strengthens your arm and core muscles which are also important muscles that you need to use for surfing. 


Yoga is an extremely helpful activity that can teach you a lot of skills that make you a better surfer. It especially helps with pop-ups in surfing because a lot of the movements in yoga are similar to the motion of a pop-up in surfing. Yoga also helps with your flexibility and strength which is always helpful when you are participating in a physical activity. It is also great for a pre-surf warm up and post surf cool down to help your muscles stay healthy.  

These are good alternative activities to do when the surf isn’t so good or you want to take a break from the ocean. The good news is if you have experience in any of these hobbies it may be easy for you to transfer those learned skills over to surfing!